Cliche Beginning

If I have known 5 years is all it took for me to gain back the 30kg I have lost, I wouldn’t have attempted at all in the first place.

Hi guys!

I have been contemplating for years to set up a blog and talked about my progress! In 2015, I ended up losing weight so fast, and then I encountered the “plateau” stage and then became stagnant and eventually gained back the weight in 2020.

I was 96kg when I graduated from Oklahoma City University and knew then my self-esteem made me feel less worthy of getting a job. I know there was no link between academics and obesity but some chemical traits in my brain were giving me mixed signals with my poor eating habits and non-existent exercise routine. So, I embarked on sleepless nights googling ways to lose weight fast which includes inserting food worms, Duromine, liposuction but being a broke student who is paying University loans, unfortunately, there is no other way than exercise and calorie deficit.

To be honest, what is difficult about losing weight is the calorie deficit cause all delicious food is high in calories meanwhile good/healthy food is low in calories.

Let’s start comparing for a moment;

1 cup of broccoli – 25 calories

1 cheese slice – 50-80 calories

When I started documenting my food diary, that’s when I first realized I must have been enjoying the wrong food group and though it makes me happy, it’s time for a change!

The struggle was real. I wished I had never tasted all the good food so I don’t keep craving for them when I am left with less than 300 calories to last the whole day. I remembered being 96kg and made my mind up to keep up my healthy routine – counting my intake for a daily meal up to 1200 calories a day and exercising twice a week and losing 30kg in less than 6 months. I was 65kg in 2016 and back then, I was lighter than I was 12 years old who weighed heavily at 69kg.

Fast forward to 5 years later with a change of 2 jobs, I am back to being severely obese and persevering to become a healthier version of myself so that I can achieve my goals of doing outdoor activities when I travel around the world. I really love, love traveling and recently enjoyed solo traveling!

Now in the present, it has been almost 1 week since I last consulted a doctor to ask for a referral to the weight management clinic in Singapore. I am more than determined to get my life on track and achieve my goal to finally be in the healthy range based on my BMI. Due to my short height, my ideal weight range is 45-55kg which is a weight I would never even dare to idealize since it was impossible for me to achieve.

However, the doctor reassured me that it is possible for me to put my very best efforts to curb my desires and being consistent. Well, that is a trait that my bosses have always well commended me for at work, so I gotta be able to commit to doing the same for my own happiness and health.

Today, 16 February 2021 a week later, pretty proud that I have been successful in maintaining my routine of eating vitamins in time, exercising in the morning/evening 4-5x a week, and eating up to 1200-1400 calories a day. Though I feel lighter, I’m not gonna weigh myself until the next consultation. The doctor mentioned that I will need to keep a food diary to show her how serious I am about making changes.

So, here’s a start to being the best version of myself. I promised myself that whenever I’m hungry or tired to exercise, I’m gonna remember to be the woman of my words and blog about my efforts to stay goal-oriented. I will lose weight before I turn 28!

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