The Thorn At The Back Of My Head

Hi guys!

This will be a short update on my weight loss journey as tomorrow marks one month since my first consultation at the Woodlands polyclinic, which I was referred to the weight management clinic at KTPH.

The doctor was super approachable and amicably shared about the process and the possible outcome where patients may or may not be undergoing surgery to aid them in losing weight.

She advised me to portray myself as someone who is willing to make drastic life changes and not to see it as a short-term/ quick loss weight method. Honestly, I shared with her that I had lost 30kg in 2016 and I struggled with my aching knees and poor health conditions cause even simple 20min cycling would have me vomiting due to the body not being able to get adjusted properly. This was not a one-time attempt and I really struggle to get started on losing weight healthily.

Seeing my predicament or maybe she was just feeling that I was really desperate, she advised me further to start documenting my food intake to measure my daily calories until the next consultation where she will be evaluating my blood test and urine test results. A week ago, I had to go for a fast testing (fast meaning no food for 10 hours except plain water) to check if I have diabetes, liver problems, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Truth to be told since it was about three weeks since the first consultation, I had done plenty of research online about the process and get inspired by the weight loss transformation posted in the forum/Reddit and I was quite motivated.

Sadly, most of the information was not local and hence I wanted to document what is it like to undergo the weight management clinic in Singapore and the procedures.

It helps that I have an acquaintance who went through the same program and undergone the knife to get the surgery to assist her in her weight loss journey. Do note that even after going through the 6 months program, the doctor didn’t want to proceed with the surgery but she paid lesser than 5k out of her pocket for it. I asked if she ever regrets doing the surgery since the doctor deemed her healthy enough to not go for the surgery? And she resoundingly responded, “Nope”.

Hence, I wanted to have a broader understanding of the risk and evaluate the whole process instead of being close-minded to taking the easy way to snip part of my stomach. Ironically, I have shared my intention to undergo bariatric surgery with 5 people and none of them were supportive cause they have seen me losing weight successfully.

Though I’m torn about the need to go through the weight management program, I know that there are limitations to my willpower and motivation, and seeking help might be more efficient. There are equipped professionals who may be proficient in encouraging me to keep up with my fitness routine and proper meal. Let the experts guide me to a healthy lifestyle.

Hence I’m pretty pumped up for tomorrow’s consultation, considering that I will be measuring my height and weight and see if my calorie-deficit diet and simple exercise weekly were of any help.

Current measurement as of 9 Jan:

Weight: 112.5 Kg

Height: 1.55m

BMI: 46% (severely obese)

I can do this! 💪🏼

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