1 Month Update

This is the second update about my general fitness journey since the last consultation. Once again, I would like to reiterate that this is not about whether my doctor deemed me whether I’m suitable for the weight loss program or not but more of a review of the various health tests that I have taken a week ago.

Currently, I’m having mixed thoughts about it and there are times where I kind of want something to be wrong with me so that I can be actively wanting to put in the efforts to transform. I mean I have been told that I tend to be complacent and get too comfortable about almost every aspect of life. And there is nothing wrong actually and throughout your course in life, there are times I can do that. On the other hand, you are supposed to persevere at the very important moments and that striking a balance between them, is a skill set that I have to master because sometimes I do not know when to stop being comfortable.

I kind of want to have to result to be something drastically bad or something deadly scary so that I could take this matter more seriously and use this documentation as proof that my family members have to be accountable and play a role in my transformation. (Haha, I wish) As I typed this, I just realized how entitled I sound. I know that I have to be responsible and ensure that I learn to resist the temptation instead of removing things around me that could tempt me. As much as I would like something BAD to happen, I feel that even if my results are good, I will still be happy about it because I am glad that my body had survived the Covid-19 situation and my high-stress level last year.

Additionally, I am also trying to transform my mindset as well because thinking negative things will actually manifest negative things to happen to you. Thinking positively would enable me to take things in stride and just change my mindset to the positive side to look past the negativity. But, you got to know that you are not supposed to just take in all the negativity. You got to evaluate wisely when the negative aspect outweighs the positive aspect and you realize that you cannot deal because it’s just generally making you unhappy.

Right now, I’m actually standing in the Woodlands polyclinic, my fingers keep fidgeting as I want to see how much weight I’ve lost so far. I have been faithful in my calorie deficit diet and also exercise routine which was 2 times a day, 5 times a week actually. On a personal note, my second sister lost 8 kg this month so it’s exciting news.

On a serious note, from my understanding that this review of tests is essential as this determines the process and costs of my weight loss management program in KTPH. If the results are good and are reflected in the hospital, you will not be able to use CPF Medisave or personal insurance as it will be considered cosmetic surgery despite your BMI index, which is considered ridiculous. If the patient has diabetes 2, High blood pressure, cholesterol, or sleep apnea, it seems likely that your doctor will be able to write in for you to get the approved necessary tests and surgery covered under the Medisave and personal insurance.

I promise to update tomorrow about my results after my consultation!

Below is a photo of myself on D1 of my fitness journey.

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