Top 5 Local Tiktok Fitness Trainer You Should Check Out To Stay Motivated

TikTok may have given the impression of a just-for-fun app that only tweens were using. However, that’s definitely not the case anymore as people tend to have a shorter attention span hence the small clips under the #TikTokfitness world are blowing up!

Now there are plenty of health experts, which includes lots of personal trainers and others who would like to join the fitness industry, it becomes easier for us to get motivated speeches on enduring the tough time and persevere to achieve our fitness goals. 

This becomes the most helpful tool for me as I can get complacent and watching such videos in between sets, keeps me driven as long I don’t get distracted by other features on my phone! 

Check out my compilation of 5 Tiktok Fitness trainer/User that I follow that has helped me to stay consistent for a month (and counting)!

  1. Fuad Hakim  – He is actively sharing tips on simple high-protein recipes so that normal human beings like you and me don’t get tired of the tasteless low-calorie food! He has great content and a plus point is that you can see his workout routine in the gym and reacts to his comments from his followers!

  1. Phone_physique – Similarly this trainer has been showing the progress of his client and updates on her weight loss journey have me contemplating if I should engage him as my trainer. He is quite informative on the dos and dont’s when lifting weight or exercise in general.

  1. Kerstin Ong – She may not be a trainer but she has definitely inspired me to keep going. Singaporean female athlete, that are into weight lifting, yeah, where is the follow button at?

  1. Jojosgfitness – Another female beast who may not be certified trainer but damn, her routines on TikTok is not for the beginner. Viewing her various posts, you might see a pattern. It is beyond just healthy eating and exercise routines, she would like to advocate a healthier lifestyle and make it easier for people to get started despite being busy.

  1. The Buffessor – This account just like its name, is very transparent and direct. You will see posts that greatly aids you in weight loss and getting buff/fit. It is for seriously motivated individuals who want to put in efforts to reap/maximize the results.

I hope this list will somehow get you guys going and don’t forget to hydrate yourself while working out!

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