Review on my Health Check-Up

So how do I begin?

It has not been easy (the struggle was real) but the results for my test are apparently normal, not good but average. Nevertheless, I think it’s still good news for me despite my minor disappointment because I was expecting the numbers on the weighing scale to change drastically. 

Sadly, being reviewed by a neighborhood polyclinic means the doctor that will be attending to you is always going to be different. Thankfully, the doctor has been quite calm and less judgmental to share the various readings and emphasized what I need to work on or be aware of to stay healthy/avoid for my body not to be stressed out. 

I also showed him the list of 7 tests that are required by KTPH for my enrolment in the weight management clinic. He did note that I have lost 4.5kg since my first consultation and commended that it is a healthy rate to lose weight! Since I had only done 3 blood tests which were mainly to check on cholesterol, diabetes, and my liver, I needed to go for more tests where the results will be sent to KTPH directly.

So below is where I am now and what is my expected weight loss at the end of September this year!

If I struggle to meet the target, then I could be a hopeless cause in the doctor’s eye, to even undergo any surgery! 

One month down, 6 more months to go!

I will do it right and keep the weight off successful 💪🏼

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