5 Travel Romantic Encounters that will give you feels

Unlike what your buddies might think, you can’t force a travel fling. The stars must align for such twists of fate that cause a hiccup in your trip or, in some cases, your life. These five stories will restore your faith in finding the one!

He bought another ticket for just another 4 hours


On a work trip to New Zealand in early 2020, Hillary Eaton would up at a fancy restaurant, talking and giggling with the culinary chef, Ed. It is as though they have known each other for eternity. After numerous courses, the restaurant emptied, and it was simply them.

They talked until the morning, and her phone alarm went off rang, letting Ed know that the time had come to leave for her trip back to Australia. Ed bought her another ticket just for her to stay for four more hours. Bidding farewell felt unnaturally hard for them. So much so, that he followed her to Melbourne one week later. After under 24 hours physically together, they confessed their love. A month later, he traveled to visit her in L.A. As COVID-19 occurred, she takes the opportunity and move to New Zealand. As of now, they have since opened a bar together.

Ferry Merry from Athens to Mykonos


Anna Burgan met Adeeb, a British traveler, on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos while she was out traveling with her college friend in 2011. It was a momentary fun fling, then they went their separate ways.

Three years later, that same friend begged Anna to go to London on short notice and asked Adeeb if they could stay at his place. Anna was mortified, but he said yes.

As soon as they reunited, they just clicked. Two years later, she found a new line of work in New York to overlook a project in London. On the day before moving, Adeeb covertly flew to New York to ask her parents for their blessing before sneaking onto her flight the next night.

Once she boarded, the airline attendant ushered her to first class, giving her an envelope with a note from Adeeb – snippets of their memories together, ending with, “I’m on this plane right now … can you guess what happens next?” 

She gazed upward, and he was there on one knee. Quick forward four years later, they got hitched on the Hudson River, live in London, and have an 18-month-old son.

Cake catastrophe what? 


Sarah was entrusted to bake a wedding cake for a French friend in London. As she felt that the cake did not turn out the way she expected it, she was unleashing her feeling/defeat on the dance floor (with the aid of strong gin). She remembered seeing an attractive gentleman approaching her and began hitting the dance floor with her. They danced ’til almost 1 a.m.

He canceled his trip back to Paris and remained until she left. Two-and-a-half years later, they got hitched in November 2019 and she applied for a French visa and showed up in Paris a week before their first Covid-19 lockdown.



“We didn’t intend to fall in love in Cuba. In fact, we hardly intended to say hello to each other”.

Lisa was there on a brief mission trip to host a sports camp for local area youth. Her emphasis was on bring joy and engaging the kids. However, it seemed like at each dining area that they were in, they were consistently seated close to each other.

There was multiple occasion when they kept running into each other taking pictures of the colorful surrounding and beautiful people. It didn’t take long for Chris to ask her out. On the last night in Cuba, while the rest of headed off for an early bedtime, they shared mojitos together at the rooftop bar overlooking Santiago. Instantly there were sparks and the next nine months passed like a blur as they courted,  engaged, and then married on New Year’s Eve. They were married at a seaside bar with the best view of the sunset — as the sun sank into the Caribbean Sea.

5. The Captivating Waiter


In 2013, Holly was roaming around Italy for a five-week holiday. It was her first visit to Capri and on her subsequent night, she was drawn in by a specific restaurant and wound up dining at Ristorante Michel’angelo. From the second she walked in, she instantly felt comfortable. Little did she know this meal would change her life forever.

The waiter, Gianluca (who caught her eye was the owner) had such a warm mannerism yet could only speak a little English meanwhile she could only speak a somewhat little Italian. Toward the end of her meal, in her best Italian, she requested the bill a few times and instead received dessert and limoncello.

At first, she thought that he was not able to have understood her as she sees all the other tables were paying their bills and leaving. It dawned upon her that it was unusual when she realized that she was the only person left in the restaurant. 

Gianluca then placed his order menu pad on the table, clarified that he had not eaten, and cheekily asked to share the table. Finding it pretty amusing, she got up and showed him to the table, lit the candle, and took his request. After placing his order with the chef, she joined, and with the help of Google translate they chuckled until the early hours of the morning.

Two weddings later (one in Capri and one in Sydney) and with two beautiful baby boys, they run the same restaurant and share an appreciation for fantastic food, wine, family and a good laugh!

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