Gym for Beginners

Hitting a gym can be an intimidating experience for beginners starting on their fitness journey. beginning on their wellness venture. Personally, I desire privacy where I could work out without prying eyes zeroing on my bulging stomach when I do squats or sit-ups. Taking into consideration that everybody might be at various milestones on their journey, each individual may have different needs for them to accomplish their ideal goals.

Other than the privacy factor, most novices would likewise want flexible and affordable options because there is always a constant fear for us to sign up on an expensive recurring plan that we cannot commit and find it hard to quit because the personal trainers are just that good at convincing us to get back on track.

You may be compelled to join on the spot, however never do it. Regardless if you think you made up your mind, you ought to give yourself a day or two to consider it. Getting a gym membership is a commitment that can last a year or considerably more. and affects you monetarily and genuinely. This is a lesson learned from an episode of Friends where Chandler and Ross had to quit the Gym and the bank. And so, below are three suitable gyms in Singapore for newbies like me.

1.The Gym Pod, a completely equipped space that can be reserved by 30 minutes intervals and it is unmanned with no fitness coach. It is a space with gym equipment that operates 24/7, intended to focus on various aspects: cardio, dumbbells, and strength. For those that need additional help, selected new Gym Pods, which come with interactive screens and virtual tutorials. Users may simply book a session (of 30 minutes) on their App and afterward make payments to use the case on the day. As of today, there are 19 distinct outlets where you can visit them including a recently opened one at The Spin Pod @ Changi City Point where it would be $18 per session.

2. IGYM FITNESS despite operating only since 2019, IGYM FITNESS is no ordinary gym. Its facilities are completely unmanned and similar to Gym Pod, however, you will need to scan using their app whenever you enter any of their 2 locations. 

Their app was built for gym users by fitness experts, that includes many necessary features embedded. Through the app, users can register their memberships, scan for entry, and top-up their e-wallet balance to renew sessions instantly. Users will be able to track their nutrition stats with customized food and nutrition diary, preview training videos for stronger muscles or be used to log their workout routines as a digital diary.

3. MyActiveGYM operated by Sport Singapore comes with equipment suitable for individuals with disabilities, seniors, and fit. It consists of basic equipment, free weights, stacked weights, cardiovascular machines, showers, and lockers as well. It provides unlimited access during all operating hours and has a flexible membership program. In the case you go lesser 12 times a month, it may be worthwhile to pay per entry as their rates are $2.50 for adults and $1.50 for senior citizens and students.

Off-Peak membership is accessible at $15 for adults and $9 for students and senior citizens monthly from Monday to Friday, before 4pm, and excluding public holidays. Those who commit for 6 months or 12 months can get the off-peak adult membership for $40 or $80, respectively.
Currently, they have 25 locations islandwide.

Ready To Sign Up?

As usual, before splurging on the gym, weigh your options, opportunity costs, and do your research before committing. You could always jump into the various forums, speak to friends who are members of that Gym, and take advantage of free trial passes that gyms provide before embarking on your fitness journey.

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