Reflecting on my methods

I wish it was that easy. I’m trying to figure out the exact equation that can be followed to ensure that the numbers reflected on the scale decreases. But, upon reading up articles on the benefits and cons of cardio activities and weight lifting, it is just annoying when I realized that by just doing weight lifting, you won’t lose weight cause essentially muscles are heavier than fat though it’s leaner.

So without little cardio exercise, my weight lifting routine will increase my metabolism rate but as the muscles increases, the heavier you will be. So the loss of weight based on a calorie deficit diet will make up the gain of muscles. Too much weight lifting 🏋️‍♀️ will cause your number on the scale to increase due to your bulky state.

On the other hand, doing cardio only will burn more calories but they might burn muscles too which in turn, decreased metabolism rate. I didn’t know that the more muscles one has, the higher the metabolism rate, and thus always torn when deciding whether to do cardio or weight lifting.

After much consideration of my weak knees, I chose the weights and lost 4.5kg in the first month. Sadly in other to lose weight, I may have to include 2 days of cardio in my routine and then reduce my 5 days of strength training into 3 days.

Nevertheless, I do have to emphasize that my clothes fit better now. I will measure the diameter of my thigh and calves to see if there is a difference since February. Following the advice by Kim Jong Kook, “workout includes a diet after as well”, I went grocery shopping to buy salad mix for my subsequent home pack lunches for work. It was the very first time that my shopping basket is filled with products with a healthy logo. I brought Meiji yogurts for a snack, salad premix, salmon, oats in a sachet cause every trainer on TikTok recommended it as it is high on protein.
To my dismay, the chocolate oats by Quacker are not up to my liking as well. The only plus point is that it’s only 114 calories so it’s a healthy breakfast option when combined with Meiji fruit yogurt. I will be attempting to find interesting menus with oats to ensure that they will not be wasted.

My very first consultation with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital is on 26 March 2020, where I will be seeing a physiologist and bariatric surgeon. I’m unsure what it will be like and reading the various bariatric surgery forums, no one really journaled the day-to-day experience while on the Weight management clinic program.

Thus, I will be sharing on how the procedure is like and writing on it!
Do note that they did indicate that my target weight for me to be at, on the 26 of September would be 96kg. The big question right now is if I do meet the target, does that mean no surgery. In the case, where I failed if, how and where do I proceed then?

Nevertheless, I am slowly making progress so do me give time to make the necessary changes in my life.

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