Is online workout the new norm?

Coronavirus has led to a significant shift in the fitness industry as it changes how, when and where regular gym-goers exercise. Most gym and fitness coaches are going digital as people turn to online workouts after gym closures following the introduction of the circuit breaker in April 2019.

As Singapore is on its phase-3 reopening, online virtual classes remain popular as many still struggle in getting a slot for their favourite physical classes. 


Other than the limited slots and the hassle of making reservations and the social distancing, essentially online virtual workouts are truly more convenient from home. The workout videos are incredibly accessible and you may pause between routines to get a beverage, attend to a child or even sign a delivery. Schedule is never an issue. Neither is parking. Or weather as you can do them whenever you want. You only need a small area and shower is just few steps away. 

Wide selection of  personal trainers 

The great thing about Youtube is that you may look for any keywords related to the exercise that you might want to do and they will show you a list of  the channels and the personal trainers, you may likewise indicate the duration that you would like to work out for.

Personally, I was uncertain on whether I should focus primarily on cardio or weight lifting. After reading up on it, needless to say, to be achieving my ideal weight in an accelerated timeline, I got to mix up both cardio and strength training in my weekly routine and Youtube empowers me to find channels that provide what I am seeking for. 

The personal trainer might be actually far away from you however on the web, they are right there demonstrating how to do the exercise. The plus point is that you may pause the video to take a break without guilt, especially when you are unable to catch up to their speed. 

Zero cost

This is good for the pockets as it does not cost you a penny to work out but this involves discipline and willpower whereas paying monthly for a gym will make some clients accountable to make their money worth. To get started, all you need is a good yoga mat, dumbbells for weight training, elastic band and water bottle. 


Working out from home allows you to wear whatever (without eyes ogling at you) or breathing out without feeling the need to be mindful of my surroundings.  The space is yours and there is no fear about bending over and feeling exposed in your yoga class. There’s no body shaming or humiliation in the privacy of your own space.

So essentially why do people want to attend the physical class?

The personal touch

It’s all about individual needs. There are individuals who actually prefer physical interaction with a trainer in real-time, so that they may enquire in person about the specific tip on their routine. 

With actual physical class, there is someone with fitness training directing them on safe and effective ways to workout, which prevent sprains, muscle soreness and ache while a video workout is a one-way traffic.  

Lacking motivation

Motivation or willpower may be infinite for some but hectic schedules may prevent individuals from sparing time for a workout session online . Lethargy sets in when you don’t have a schedule or valid reason keeping you disciplined especially when it comes to fitness.

Many have said that going to a gym and following a routine has actually motivated them to get better and healthier while keeping them on their feet. At home, there’s always the choice of procrastinating and eventually skipping a workout.

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