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Hi guys!

As I have just started implementing cardio into my weekly routine, may I just share that I absolutely abhor anything that requires me to jump?! Perhaps cause my bosom is heavy or I am just not having the correct support, the stretching exercises that I did prior to the workout does not aid my back sores. I never knew how much I adore my massage gun when it effectively targets my spots that aches terribly. Additionally, that got me thinking that without all the small little things like gadgets and supplements to complement my fitness journey, I may have given up easily halfway before achieving the desired goal.

The supplements are not weight-loss miracle pills but just vitamins or products that filled in the gaps where my diet cannot fulfill. I was previously taking in Alive Vitamins daily because it was a cheaper alternative to my usual Centrum vitamins. However, I could barely finish one month’s supply before I urgently ordered mine from Amazon! Ironically, it was cheaper getting my vitamins online even with delivery charges from the US than off the shelves at Guardian or Watson. There were no side effects in taking the Alive Vitamins, but it just had a distinct off-musky smell meanwhile Centrum was tasteless.

So why do I take vitamins?

Because like any workaholic, I tend to skip meals and eat whatever is convenient and accessible without considering that I am missing out on the essential vitamins in my food. Vitamins are substances present in various ingredients that are a fundamental part of human nutrition. Constantly getting enough of these vitamins enables your body to carry out all of its vital functions normally.

A deficiency of Vitamin intake may lead to different diseases. In addition, it could increase your risk of developing health complications in the short or long term. To add on, while I was learning in-depth about bariatric surgery, I understood that once you have undergone the surgery, you are bound to eat multivitamins all your life as it will be hard to fulfill the requirements of the body through the food you eat. Hence, I am trying to get my body used to consuming vitamins and processing them.

Besides the multivitamins, I do take Goli the apple cider vinegar gummy daily because of the benefits and the taste! You may think that it is a gimmick and it is popular due to the influences recommending the brand but honestly I do think it helped my digestive issues. I have always been bloated and constipated in the morning despite the liters of water I swallowed. Similarly, I was a little skeptical to order, thinking how can the gummy taste good cause I have tried taking the Apple Cider Vinegar instead and I could barely keep it down after swallowing it.

As I am aware of the benefits of taking the ACV shot, I attempted to give this a try. Needlessly say after the first order, my friend and I make a second purchase in a week. First of all, the taste is fantastic and I started to go toilet regularly after meals. It curbs your hunger and I truly feel that it works and tastes like a gummy bear and even children would love this.

Personally, it took about a week for me to get adjusted as I was regularly going to the toilet after eating this. My stomach does not feel bloated and I do not burp after eating as much as before. I usually eat 2 of the gummy with breakfast and 2 in the afternoon, 30 mins before lunch.

With that being said, all the supplements work great with a proper calorie deficit diet and a good amount of exercise per week. To make sure that you get all of the vitamins your body needs, it’s important to follow a balanced diet. Eating different types of foods and not restricting any group makes sure to get a constant and correct supply of most vitamins your body needs.

However, if you follow a balanced diet and still have a deficiency, as with vitamin D, you could consider taking supplements. On the other hand, taking multivitamins by default isn’t recommended, since we don’t know the long-term effects on health.

For those seeking supplements that accelerate results, you may consider Hydroxycut. I took this with Acai Berry and I lost 3kg a day when I did cardio while eating clean. However, do ensure that you do not have caffeine in the rest of your dietary or else, your heart will be unusually fast and you may have trouble sleeping. In the case, where you would like to exercise without eating any of the supplements, I am genuinely commending to you as I struggle to balance in meal prepping to include ingredients that provide sufficient nutrients and vitamins needed. Thus, that will be my next project where I will figure out to balance the money sheet for food, time for clean eating dietary for the next 6 months.

Below are the various pictures of the supplements mentioned and please do your research with the local pharmacy and physical shops to see if it is suitable for you. A reminder to drink more water as dehydration will not allow your body to absorb the necessary from what you eat.

Acai Berry
Apple Cider Vinegar
Alive Multivitamins
Centrum Vitamins

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