Overrice Vs Halal Guys

Great news for Singaporeans who have yet to try the Halal Guys abroad as NY-inspired rice bowls, Overrice has just opened up at Arab Street. Though I have yet to have the opportunity to try Halal Guys as of yet, I do sincerely love the food served by Overrice. On the other hand, I had two individuals who had tasted both and had different opinions on the food served by the Singapore’s version of Halal Guys.

Thirty years ago, The Halal Guys started as a food cart on the streets at the corner of 53rd and 6th Ave in New York City. It struck them as they see many Muslim cab drivers struggling to find a place to buy halal food and fast forward to 2021, the Halal Guys is now available in more than 90 locations within the United States, Canada, Indonesia, South Korea and the United Kingdom. They are known for its platter which consists of rice, portion of meat, some pita and its popular red and white sauce.  Furthermore, it is affordable and filling and eventually travellers around the world are joining the queue as well. 

While you can’t travel overseas to get your hands on them for now, there is a similar concept right here in Singapore.

Singapore’s version of Halal Guys, Overrice

Influenced by their personal experience and taste of the New York’s Halal Guys, a group of Singaporeans decided to open Overrice. And now, you don’t even need to travel far to get a similar taste of their red and white sauce over their fragrant rice. Located along the bustling Arab Street, Overrice’s menu resembled the popular dishes from The Halal Guys. It has been reviewed that the beef is slow-cooked to retain all its flavour, the chicken comes grilled, falafel balls are fried till golden and crispy. Despite it all, the white creamy sauce and the red sauce drizzled over the bowl taste different from what you probably tasted in Halal Guys.  

You could have the ingredients stuffed in a pita pocket (from $6.90) however I highly recommend their signature bowls instead. It consists of yellow basmati rice, fresh pita, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, the secret sauces and topped with a choice of meat (chicken – $9.90, falafel balls – $9.90 or beef $10.90). 

My eldest sister felt that though the food was delicious, the sauce was pretty lacking and the portion was smaller than what was served to her in Korea. Personally, I truly enjoyed every spoonful and wondered how a real bowl from Halal Guys might taste like. On the other hand, my peer who came back from New York preferred Overrice and found that the sauce is tweaked to the local taste buds and the beef is much much tender than what she has tasted. To add on, she finds it hassling to be queuing for at least 1 hour and prefers to pick up and make the advance order online. 

To know more, you may find them here! https://www.overricesg.com/ 

Overrice – 48 Arab Street, Singapore 199745

Operating hours:

Opens on Tues-Sunday

12pm – 3.30pm (Lunch)

6pm – 9.30pm (Dinner)

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