Resting after 10 days of consequent working out

 I woke up last Saturday, feeling unshackled as I knew that I am skipping my morning exercise following my weekly schedule. On a couple of occasions, I walked towards my dumbbells and grip it tight but I had to resist because I knew how essential a rest day is. I wanted to learn more about low impact cardio for me to get started this upcoming week but mostly I prefer being stationary and lifting weights over jumping and big movements. 

After reviewing countless TikToks and pinterest posts, I decided that I will be doing alternate low-impact cardio and strength training exercises. If you think low impact cardio is less effective than high-intensity cardio, allow me to enlighten your mind. Some examples of  regular low impact cardio are pilates, walking, yoga, and swimming. These are great for your physique and overall health! 

1. Swimming

Swimming is my favourite activity as it doesn’t impose any weight on the joints. It enables me to be flexible and this activity is both cardio and strength training all in one! No equipment necessary!

2. Walking

This is the easiest activity and also safe for women to get started with.  Simply ask a friend or put on your Airpods and listen to your favourite Spotify playlist and the session will be a great low impact workout because it strengthens cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, balance, endurance, and helps reduce overall body fat. 

3. Kickboxing

Kickboxing helps because there are a lot of moments involved. It is undeniable that the routine would almost always shuffle side to side with both feet on the ground and utilize the upper body as the cardio side of the workout. Rest assured that the kicks and punches are sure to make you sweat without putting pressure on the joints! 

4. Cycling

A leisure bicycle ride will burn calories, working out every limb of your body, and not that exhausting as compared to jogging or running. However, ensure that the bicycle is a good fit for you and always stay safe on the trail/road. On the last cycling session I went, I vomited because I had a huge meal prior and that is something you have to take note of to prevent yourself from having the same experience.  

5. Dancing

Zumba is a great way to get moving without the pain! Find a channel on youtube with a style that suits you and subscribe. If you’re a music or dancing lover, this is definitely the low impact workout for you!

6.  Star Jump / Jump-roping

If your knees are sturdier, doing star jump or skipping helps develop leg strength and cardiovascular endurance. Star jumps strengthen your deltoids, the large muscles at the top curve of your shoulders, and the trapezius muscles between your shoulders and neck. They also work all your major leg muscles, including hamstrings, quadriceps, abductors, adductors and calves.

I know adding the name low impact in front of anything makes it seem slower or even boring, however you will be proven wrong when you try it out! It is exciting about low impact cardio and encourages everyone to incorporate low impact exercises into your weekly fitness routines!

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