The Best Fitness Buys

 One of the things I struggled in my fitness journey is making my environment conducive for my workout. I have been finding inspiration on Pinterest, searching “at home gyms” but mostly it is not feasible as the arrangements involve wide space and let’s face it, it is unlikely to be feasible. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the biggest benefit of a home gym lies in saving money.

Furthermore, it is very convenient as you may skip the hassle of booking a time slot for the gym and the social distance. Essentially online virtual workouts are truly more accessible from home. You may pause between routines to get a beverage, attend to a child or even sign a delivery. Schedule is never an issue. 

Working out from home allows you to wear whatever (without eyes ogling at you) or breathing out without feeling the need to be mindful of my surroundings.  The space is yours and there is no fear about bending over and feeling exposed in your yoga class. There’s no body shaming or humiliation in the privacy of your own space.

Below are some of the best fitness buys that you may incorporate into your home to kickstart your new healthier lifestyle .

Steel dumbbell with colorful vinyl exterior coating for a strong, non-slip grip and are great for women who will like to intensify workouts such as walking, jogging, aerobics, and more.

Each kettlebell is encased with color-coded vinyl to prevent corrosion, increase durability, reduce noise, protect flooring and enhance appearance. The steel handle of the kettlebell weights provides a comfortable and secure grip for high reps, making chalk unnecessary for both men and women. Flat bottom enables upright storage, perfect for kettlebell workouts such as renegade rows, handstands, mounted pistol squats and other exercises consisting of swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups and many more.

The material of a mat will determine the texture, stickiness, sponginess, and eco-friendliness. Most yoga mats are made of either plastic or rubber. BEAUTY OVO eco friendly yoga mat moisturizes and features higher elasticity, better abrasion and tear resistance. It lasts a long time and can endure many yoga practices.

The jump rope is smooth and fast as the ball bearing system avoids the twisting, winding or bending. It ensures stable and relaxed rotation, as the skipping rope can bear heavy load which can improve your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body. 

Maximum Comfort: the gym skipping rope constructed with lightweight ergonomic handles coated with 6 inch soft EVA memory foam grips for extra comfort and strong grip, so that you can take full advantage for doing exercise. The length is adjustable quickly according to your height. Suitable for adults and children.

These high-quality resistance bands are made of thickened & strengthened fabric with an anti-slip rubber layer. They’re elastic and durable with strong resistance. Perfect 3 Levels Resistance: Each color of the 3 resistance bands standing for different resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy. Different strengths will provide you with more flexibility and more options for your exercise routine, Donkey Kicks, Monster Walk, etc. These bands exercise your glutes, thighs, legs, abs, and shape your perfect curvy butt.

I am loving my red Huawei Band 4 Pro because it is very light and the battery lasts long. My needs for a fitness tracker is simply for me to monitor my daily steps and my heart rate when exercising. There are plenty of fitness watches/trackers but I like the thin aesthetic and do not hurt my wrist when using it prolonged. On top of it all, it is affordable and the band can be removed easily to charge it using a charger head instead of having a separate charger like IOS or Samsung smart watches. The lifespan of the battery is still good despite me using it for almost five years and it’s waterproof as well!

Portable Sit Up Bar

It has strong suction with 2 Suction Cups which enables users to workout on their abdominal easily.  The two-row support rods provide greater heel force and double efficiency. High density soft foam-covered handle provides comfortable padding which regulates traction on the back of the feet during the workout and protects the ankle from injuries.   

Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike 

It will come delivered with the main body of the exercise bike, all tools and instructions are in the package. Online instruction video can help you complete the assembly within 30 minutes. 

The LCD monitor on exercise bikes tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer. The gift Ipad holder allows you to enjoy exercising and music at the same time, making it easier to keep exercising. The water bottle holder allows you to stay hydrated. Transport wheels help you easily move this cycle machine.

While setting up a home gym has high costs upfront, there is the potential to save money from your monthly gym membership and transport costs in the long run. In fact, gym memberships may run from $175 monthly (Fitness First for 18-month membership) which will eventually burn a hole in your pocket over time. I am in the midst of carving out space in the room for the stationary cycling bike before the purchase. After all, with the presence of the equipment in the house, you are bound to work out as and when you are free at home. 

If you have other useful exercise equipment for beginners, do comment below!

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