5 Must Need Apps For Your Fitness Journey

Quit scrolling #fitnesstoks on TikTok, get spurred by downloading the apps below to get started. Don’t let your work arrangement stop you from staying in shape. 


With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, gym and fitness trainers have to get creative in making it easy for users to book a slot to visit the gym. With new technology, you would think that it will be hard to figure out the app especially on the whole process of booking and exercising. Gympod app is unquestionably easy to understand and booking a slot is seamless! However do note that the cost to book a slot has skyrocketed. The initial reason why people choose Gym Pod was due to its competitive price and privacy. Though I am reluctant to book a slot with them, the privacy factors remain attractive to me as a Plus Size Hijab lady. Additionally there is another feature in the app that is worth keeping in your phone. It provides a wide range of videos from the fitness trainers that guides us on how to do our routine correctly and for that I’m keeping it on my phone hoping that the prices for the gym pod is back to norm.



This is the best app hands down.  I’ve lost weight effectively thanks to this app as it tracks down the minimum and maximum calories that I should be eating per day and also what macro and nutrients that I need daily and note nutrients I need to maintain, gain or lose. I’ll recommend anybody I know who is serious about the fitness and health to download. I’ve lost 24 kg through this app in one year (in 2015) and I believe that this is the best guide to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Aaptiv Audio Workout App

The app is ideal for individuals who appreciate working out alone but need some motivation and company without having someone tagging along. The guidance over the head phone it’s not monotonous at all. It is as though the trainer is  speaking to you, motivating you  and giving reminders and pointers. The background music is definitely a plus point so you don’t have to choose what to listen to. This definitely makes working out less lonely.

8fit Workout App

The app is perfect for individuals who don’t have the opportunity to go to the gym and yet can’t be self-motivated. It is a best combo for a healthy food catalog and weekly class from several fitness experts. One of my favorite features of this app is it keeps you motivated to work out with weekly HIIT workouts geared toward your experience level. It’s a one-two punch for keeping your fitness on track.

Workout Women

There is nothing unsatisfactory about the app and it is targeted fundamentally for ladies!  I love it because it provides workouts with different levels of difficulty. It allows you to choose which part of the body you would like to target and has various workout routines to choose from with free guides and motivating music. If you go for the subscriptions, you are able to unlock more programs weekly. Nevertheless, even the free workout videos will undoubtedly make you sweat and tone your body the way it was intended to. 

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