X맨 E089

Other than my personal fitness journey and my travel escapades, I have re-ignited my interest in Korean variety show and would like to share some of the highlights here.

Just to emphasize, nope it is not something I stumbled recently or following the trends of KPOP.

I had discovered XMAN in primary school and greatly enjoyed the variety shows which has Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jaesuk in the same show. This is a series of throwback post on why XMAN is still the funniest variety show, which undoubtedly explains why the show becomes the starting point of many entertainers like HAHA, KIM JONG KOOK, KIM JONG MIN and features original idol stars like Shinhwa, GOD, Hyori, TVXQ/DBSK and SS501.

Needless to say, I will begin with my favourite episode of all – E089.

This was a Summer Special in Pattaya and featured the best star list in my honest opinion – Hwangbo, Haha, Lee Minki, Ji Sangryul, Andy & Hyesung (Shinhwa), Park Jongkyu, Yoon Eunhye, Kim Jong Kook.

This was Kim Jong Kook’s return to XMAN after months as he was preoccupied making his album. So during the Yoon Eunhye (YEH) introduction, they teased her asking how she feel about him coming back and honestly, she was glad and cheerful. (Some say it is scripted but as a viewer, I can see that she genuinely is happy to see him) Look at how shy he became when she say, “Today’s recording will be enjoyable”. After turning away, he genuinely smiled and laugh. (God knows how formal he can be when interacting with other female celebrity).

In the Introduction, they also featured Lee Jin and Andy who was quite popular for their pairing on Banjun Dramas. Their loveline was threatened by Jihoon who had thick lips similar to Andy and Hyesung who broke his remote when seeing Andy and Lee Jin kissing scenes. To add on, Lee Min Ki came into the picture and wanted to confront Kim Jong Kook cause he was interested in YEH.

On the first game, Lee Minki was happy to match with Eunhye and MC YJS asked them to sing to each other to loosen the nerves. YEH say a song with the lines of ‘don’t like me, I have eyes for other man’ which was referred to KJK meanwhile LMK sang something in the lines “I unknowingly also fall for you” but he cracks up (cause he is an actor not a singer). Surprisingly YEH lost to LMK which earned disapproval look on KJK but as she was intending to get out of pool, she naturally headed to KJK (so how scripted can it be?), which got pointed out by Kang Ho Dong, only for JongGyu and KJK quarrelling to assist her.

Thus naturally, next competitor for LMK is KJK and as unwilling as they might be, they are still holding hands and sing to each other before playing the game. Before singing, LMK mentioned to him, “All this time, was he happy?” and KJK responded, “In life, there are things that you cannot get”. LMK then sang in the lines of “GO AWAY GO AWAY” meanwhile KJK said “This is probably what YEH wanted to say just now” and sang “There is another man”.

Needless to say, LMK lost the game.

The next interesting bit is when team compete, with the LJ,HYESUNG, LEE JIHOON versus YEH, KJK AND Park Jongkyu. With YEH (who is famous for her strength) and KJK, they easily wins. Next up was the power showdown between KHD and KJK. God knows no one can defeat each other (1on1) on K-Variety now, physically. In this episode, KJK flipped KHD and that was no easy feat. He was the MVP and was shy to expose his body and hides under water.

The next segment was better because it features the infamous of-course game!

All in all, this was my ultimate favourite episode because KJK-YEH-LMK love triangle, Lee Jin-Andy-Hyesung love triangle, strength showdown between Jong Kook and Hodong and Haha’s initial parody of Turbo Hits.

I am gonna turn in and upload the videos and input the links to episode tomorrow. Honestly I am excited to share with Papitus on why YEH-KJK loveline is undefeatable.

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