Buying souvenirs – Yes or No

My friends and family are consistently on the back of my head when getting away from home and enjoying everything the world has to offer. New sights, new people, and new encounters feel vivid and exciting at every turn and I will think of them who are not able to be with me physically. Rather than catching those minutes on photos or recordings, I like to get keepsakes which encourages me to share a story or experience with my loved ones.

Despite me wanting to start a travel blog, tragically I am someone who believes that travelling is best without a camera. Rationally, you will see the country for the way it was intended to as opposed to calculating your moves to impress the followers on your social media platform. With souvenirs, those trinkets and fun gift shop toys can be great callbacks to trips if purchased correctly.

In the case you buy it generically and inadequately, some individuals may realize that they wasted their money on garbage. I would love to think that souvenirs are like time capsules that open right into memories of your vacation. You might pick up a shell and think of your trip to Hawaii, or look at your cute apple magnet and your mind drifted to the road trip to Apple Town in Mexico city. They hold something sentimental and unique that helps you unwrap a piece of your past.
They’re likewise incredible because these tokens show the people around you that you did think of them while you were off on vacation.

There are a lot of factors that might make a souvenir not worth it.

More often than not, souvenirs are things that only gather dust on your desk. However awkward as it very well might be to admit, many souvenirs that people buy are just junk that nobody will use or want to look at for more than a couple of days. This could refer to shot glasses, shell décor, or keychains that nobody needs.

Not every vacation needs a physical reminder of where you went and for how long. Instead, you can frame some of the photos from your trip and make them into wall decoration. What matters the most about any trip is that you had a great time and came home healthy and happy.

If part of what makes you happy is bringing home souvenirs, then do it! Even though it might seem like mess, or it may make your luggage heavier, if it’s what makes the trip fulfilling, then buy it. I am currently enjoying my magnets collected during my vacation and am constantly reminded of the trip when making a trip to the refrigerator.

Likewise, if you don’t find the purpose in getting a souvenir, and that make sense as well. As long as you made incredible and fun memories during your vacation, it’s great.

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