Why are there limited sports wear for plus size women?

One of the reasons I truly missed traveling is the shopping spree. And no, I’m not talking about fancy factory outlets or branded goods in the malls. It’s more of Walmart, Forever21 and Target where plus size clothes are affordable yet stylish for me. I find it a struggle to buy sports wear for my size that is fitting yet comfortable for me to workout in Singapore. 

I searched through various Adidas, Puma, Nike, Royal Sporting house and JD stores only to find that the sizes run small and I probably could fit the male XL size which honestly is very baggy and gets in the way due to the length of the shirt. Why is it so hard to find workout wear over a size 16?

Isn’t it ironic when plus sizes individuals are being told to lose weight by working out but yet society doesn’t make it easy for us? It is just infuriating to pay more for an outfit that suits us due to a lack of demand. I probably won’t mind getting the male sizes for workout wear but how about internally? Sports Bra with good support that won’t break my back whenever I do push ups, where can I find it?

I cannot be buying it off from US Websites and delivering it to Singapore via Vpost, can’t I? I have attempted purchasing it from Shein/Shoppee, mostly aesthetically intriguing and sizes fit but it doesn’t support at all when working out. But of course, when desperate times call, I simply have to suck it up and eventually do what I should be doing to stay rooted to my goals after weighing the pros and cons for sure. 

To add on, working out in the gym as a Hijabi means I am sweating internally under the scarf. Though Nike’s Pro Hijab is available, the sizes run a bit smaller. The internal loop where we don the hijab and frame our face in is mainly for athletes with smaller faces and me sticking into it, gives me a feel of pau being squeezed by a Cotton Steaming Cloth.  

Though Nike has revolutionized on making hijab breathable and keep still, more can be done to make it more stylish and accommodative to the general public instead of just the athletes.  Personally I prefer working out at home because wearing a hijab is inconvenient and is bad for my hair when it is soaked with sweat and smelly. Furthermore, when the scarf is wet, it gets really heavy and stiff which completely obstructs my workout routine and generally feels heavier on my shoulder. I tend to not make big movements because I kept having to keep the hijab in place. 

Nike’s initial sport hijab prototype focused on being- lighter, softer and more breathable garment. Upon receiving an enthusiastic response, they modified the fit to account for a range of head sizes and face shapes by having two sizes – XS/S and M/L. I had been trying to find Nike’s Pro Hijab in M/L in Singapore but mostly it ran out and I had to find it online. I had added it to cart and will be updating on how convenient and fuss-free it will be when it arrives on my doorstep. 

Apparently, the material is light and airy which makes it less humid internally. The idea of it being light and airy and yet, stay still while working out is puzzling which makes this an interesting purchase. 

The Nike Pro Performance Hijab Goes Global  0

The soft, lightweight polyester is opaque but has tiny holes for venting. The mesh is also stretchy, so when combined with an elastic binding it allows for a personalized fit that adapts to both the wearer’s head and her sport.

The Nike Pro Performance Hijab Goes Global  2
The Nike Pro Performance Hijab Goes Global  1

The back of the hijab is elongated to ensure it doesn’t come untucked. Fluff threads were used at the neck and face to minimize rubbing and irritation that can occur when an athlete sweats.

That’s a long way from having trouble finding a suitable hijab for a plus size Muslimah and something appealing for me to wear to the gym. To add on, the Nike Pro Hijab is available in neutral colors and sadly the company seems not driven to expand to include more designs for the public. 

There are tons of places online for us to purchase plus size workouts but mostly, how reliable are they in providing good fit that are stylish and provide the necessary support. Meanwhile, I am just gonna be looking at the regular-sized outfits at the stores with envy. 

Nike Pro Performance Hijab Dri-Fit Black M/L

Nike Womens Pro Hijab Dri-Fit White XS/S

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