Why you should avoid self-itinerary and go for tours

When you decide to go on a trip, arranging everything all alone and making your own itinerary has its sets of pros and cons. While you refer to your flight itinerary to ensure that you are on time at the airport and subsequently the boarding gates, you need not map out where you will eat, what time you are going to eat, and where you will visit. You simply have to keep in mind on booking the hotel prior to the destinations.

Additionally, self itinerary cultivates being self-aware of surroundings as you have full control on what to see, look, hear and experience. It increases your own road knowledge about the destinations and with proper in-depth planning, the cost of the trip can be lesser. This empowers you to customize the trip to narrow down on activities that you enjoy instead of the landmarks or the tourism spots.

But as someone who has been doing self planned trips, being my own tour guide and everything in my own hands, the pressure can be overwhelming and I tend to disregard appreciating the scenery and enjoy the trip as my mind drifts to organizing the next activity.

Here are 5 factors to consider when you’re thinking about doing everything on your own.

Avoid Last Minute Charges Incurred

Be sure as you may, with self-itinerary, the cost of the trip is commonly escalated you may wind up spending more than planned. There could be post trip financial charges such as credit card overbilling or hiccups along the way and you’ll end up doing spontaneous activities that impact you in terms of cost or convenience in the exchange of new experience. Since you already know all your stops, you’re most likely to get an accurate estimate of how much you’ll be spending per day. There’ll be no speculation when it comes to entrance fees, environmental fees, and other payments you’ll have to get ready for.

Experienced tour guide

On the off chance that you are familiar with the destination, having a tour guide will be great as it covers key places and provides insight on the history which expands your travel knowledge. They will likewise share the dos and don’ts of a place when immersing in the local culture. You’ll additionally also get a rundown of your food options early on and you can decide what else you can do in your free time. Moreover with them around, there are no language barriers hence you avoid being victims of scams and that might be scary for individuals throughout the rest of the trips.

Sense of security

The tours enable you to conveniently bring you to the tourists spot and prevent yourself being pickpocketed, a comfortable vehicle that gives you the sense of security. The tours are typically covered under insurance and can provide support during medical emergencies. With a local tour guide, there are no worries at the back of your mind to note on the possible mishaps that might occur. In this way, you are truly enjoying the vacation.


You’ll know where to go next, at the very least. Have you ever noticed that occasionally, deciding where to go is tough and time consuming? Having self-itinerary means having to think of everyone beforehand and thus, a lot of compromise. With a tour, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and headache on planning . Although you might stay longer in one place, at least you know where your next stop is.

Meeting new people and share similar adventure together

Being in a tour group, you get to meet people from different backgrounds and make new friends. Most of the tour guides will tell you that this is how lifelong friendships are forged on the road. Jam-packed itineraries were developed so that friends could see more of a place and recall of the time spent there.

Alternatively, you can always opt for a loose itinerary where you opt for activities instead of the entire full multi-day tour. With that, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds with the right mindset. Having loose itineraries, it offers efficiency and flexibility by planning all the stops, but leaves the time flexible so you won’t be pressured to wrap up quickly every time you reach your next destination.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way of exploring the world and planning your trip. Just remember, if you decide to let your feet do the reasoning, likewise make a point to think on your feet.

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