10 Travel Destination Bucket List Ideas

When I was 12, I always wanted to see the polar bears in Alaska. It was a rude awakening during the Covid-19 pandemic (cause you only missed something when it’s gone/forbidden) that at the age of 27 this year, I have yet to see the polar bears up close. Nevertheless, the polar bear tour in Alaska remains on top of my bucket list.  My travel bucket list was pretty short, but it unquestionably does have some interesting locations on it. 

Upon reminiscing on my vacations so far, I pondered, and realized that I have never met anyone who didn’t have a bucket list? 

I made up my mind to be serious about achieving my travel bucket list after the borders reopen and would like to expand my travel bucket list.

  1. Polar Bear Tour in Alaska
  1. St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City
  1. Colosseum in Rome
  1. Duomo Cathedral in Milan
  1. Chichen Itza in Mexico

I am fortunate enough to have cleared 4 out of the 5 travel destinations that’s on the bucket list. 

  1. Giza Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt
  1. Saint Basil’s Cathedral & the Red Square In Russia
  1. Giraffe Manor Hotel in Nairobi
  1. Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia
  1. Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

There are a few things to note though, upon ticking the destination off the list. 

To go out traveling you need to have the budget for it! Saving money requires discipline. Think about the effort you need to put into setting aside money to travel. This implies not buying occasional coffee at Starbucks or having packed lunch instead of a fresh, hot lunch at a fast-food place.

Often, you will need to give up something or changing your habits to save for a trip requires dedication and discipline. If you fall off the routine of saving, the trip will happen later, or perhaps never at all.

Comment travel destinations that are on your bucket list!

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