Today will be a random post that is dedicated to my sister, who has been eyeing this Secretlab chair for months!

She have been working from home since Feb 2020 and honestly things have been really hard especially adjusting to the change of environment! Initially she was working from her own room with no proper table and chair.
She will be sitting on the floor with a small foldable table, leaning on her bed frame for support.

This was her arrangement for few days before she realised that this WFH arrangement will be the norm. To add on, I too joined her to work from home in March 2020 and I was unable to stand the idea of straining back pain due to prolonged sitting. Hence, I went out to set up my work station at the living room and she joined me as well.

Sitting on the wooden dining chair for long took a while to get used to it. Since I was working for 12 hours daily, I was also thinking of getting a Secretlab chair but the price factor was the hindering factor.I was procrastinating and finally decided to purchase a month later but my appendicitis suddenly crept in and I was hospitalised.

Being recently warded then, instead of getting flowers/fruits as gift, a gaming chair was delivered to my house. Albeit, it was not Secretlab, it remains to be a comfy chair as well. I was not wasteful to buy a Secretlab because it was rude to the person who gifted me and I had no space in the living room for another chair!

Honestly, I’m glad that I didn’t get it as I eventually resigned from my position in Dec 2020 and am now working from home. Unfortunately though, my eldest sister is slightly heavier and was not comfortable to sit on my gaming chair. So she sat on the dining chair throughout the months working from home.

Last week, I work at the dining table to blog and I regretted the pain that I put my back through. With that, the new Secretlab arrived promptly yesterday at 7pm. Do note that there was a promotion for the Titan Variant where the price was $549 SGD instead of $720! And it was shipped less than 24 hours from the time we purchased! Needless to say, it was worthwhile!

I really loved the new throne for my favourite sister except that she chose a boring design! I don’t get why she didn’t pick the joker or Batman variant. The biggest difference observed was that my sister didn’t need to keep readjusting her sitting position and now she gradually lazier to walk around because of how cushy the support was. She truly feel comfortable to lean on the chair without fearing that the chair might crack because it can support up to 130kg. Tested the chair this morning, and it’s wide enough for me to actually fold my legs and raised it up.

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