Aisle or Window seat better on the Airplane?

It’s like an itch on my back that I haven’t been able to scratch. In every instance where I was on the page to purchase the ticket online, I am consistently curious which seat is advisable to purchase.

For some, having a window seat is awesome as they are able to peer out the window to appreciate the scenery amongst the cloud meanwhile I favored an aisle seat so that I could easily access the lavatory. With Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, this subject was off my mind but I scrolled through TikTok and realized that there was a smart strategy of avoiding the certain rows on a plane.

Rows to avoid 

The exit row

Extra legroom may be amazing, yet this spot is imperfect. Depending on your aircraft, your seat tray table may overlay into the armrest, which usually translate to having a narrower seat and if the plane has two exit rows, the first row of seats don’t recline.

The bulkhead row

These seats are arranged in the first row of the main cabin, behind the divider that separates you from first class. Again, you get to enjoy extra legroom but your seat will will no doubt be smaller to oblige the tray table in your arm rest. Plus, you will not have the option to stow your own things underneath the seat before you, so you’ll need to get to the overhead compartment each time you need something. 

The last row

Certainly, you’re strategically located close to the bathroom — but you’re also right next to the bathroom. On top of undesirable smells, you’ll likewise have to deal with standing passengers waiting for their turn in line. Furthermore your seat doesn’t recline as well.

Moving forward, most of my airplane journeys will be taken solo, and I’m thrifty enough to avoid extra charges to choose a specific seat before boarding. However, I’ll be gnawing my lips, fingers crossed and earnestly praying while checking in online with the expectation that my seat  assignment ends with a “C” or “F”.

I’m very much aware that the seat by the window accompanies a couple of advantages — besides the picturesque views compared to the aisle seat — 

Convenient headrest

Sitting by the window implies you have the edge of the aircraft to lean your head against, which is particularly helpful for a decent rest. If you are caught in the middle or aisle seat, you  typically resort to snoozing on the tray table or head-bobbing with a travel pillow while napping upright, neither of which are nearly as comfortable.

No Accidental Nudges From Aisle Walkers

When you’re chilling at the corner, you don’t have to worry about bathroom visitors or flight attendants accidentally bumping into you on their way down the aisle. You’re situated between only one traveler and the plane, which statistically decreased human interaction. 

Master of the Window Shade

The implicit air travel rule dictates that whoever has the window seat decides if and when the shade goes up or down. Sitting by the window gives you the power to soak in that sunset or, if the sun’s too blinding to handle, to close the cover and take a snooze.

You Know Exactly When You’re Landing

With the capacity to control the shade likewise implied that you will be one of the first  to witness the aircraft’s descent up until the exact second those wheels pummel the landing area.  

Notwithstanding those factors,  I unequivocally accept that the above benefits do not outweigh the convenience of the Aisle Seat.  I have been told on different occasions, “Have fun with that knee bruise from getting rammed by the food cart or passengers mid flight.” Truth to be told, if you are mindful in the airplane, such occurrences can be evaded.  

Statistically, the aisle seat is more popular among frequent air travelers. Travelers who lean toward the passageway seats, such as myself say it’s better because of the various factors.

Ease of Toilet Break 

Is there anything worse than requesting someone’s permission to go to the toilet? The incredible thing about sitting on the aisle is never asking a single soul if they can please get out of the way so you can go to the toilet. This is PARTICULARLY handy if you’ve got food poisoning, are on a liquid detox, or had way too many drinks before your flight. 

You can get off the plane faster

Isn’t it baffling to see an old couple battling around discovering his sack from the overhead storage while getting into his coat right when the plane landed? If you have all the time to spare, by all means take your time in the window seat. But if you’re like me and you’ve been on so many flights that you need to catch the next flight, you’ll want to be seated on the aisle. As soon as that plane lands, I am ready to go with my carry-on luggage in hand so I can get off quick.

Easy access to bags in the overhead locker

In the case your mobile phone will be dead any minute and you critically need to access the internet or call someone, it is bad for Team Window Seat. Since your charger is in your bag in the overhead lockers, us in aisle seats can get to our bags anytime we want

What is claustrophobia?

It’s time to say goodbye to that dreaded feeling of claustrophobia that comes with being trapped in the window seat. Beautiful views from the window are not worthy of how closely your neighbor is sitting next to you, all while hogging the arm rests and laughing too loudly at the entertainment. Getting up and going for a walk around the plane can only easily do if you’re in an aisle seat. Looking out the window might be pretty, but it won’t solve the problem. 

And keeping in mind that we’re discussing the view, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be anyway. Most of the time the plane is at such a high elevation that everything you can see are mists. Generally, the best views are just after takeoff and before landing, when all passengers are approached to put their seats in the upright position – which means everyone can see out the windows, even us Team Aisle Seat.

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