Doubling household chores as exercise

For many women, doing household chores is a daily physical activity. If you could recall in this month, how often have you gone through your morning doing laundry, scrubbing the bathroom and washing the floors only to realize your back was soaked with sweat? It is a well-known fact that doing household chores is a fantastic workout. 

Here are 8 simple exercises to do at home to benefit from your intense cleaning sessions.

Calf raises while washing dishes

While at the sink washing dishes, do some calf raises to tone your lower legs. 

How to: Wash a dish, put it on the drying rack, then turn the water off as you do 5-10 calf raises. Lift your heels to come high on the balls of your feet, squeezing your calf muscles and glutes as you go.

Do squats while putting dishes away

Include a few squats to your dishwashing routine when you stack or unload the dishwasher, or when you move your dishes from the drying rack to the kitchen island . You’ll clean the kitchen while toning your legs and butt simultaneously.

Folding or putting laundry away.

No dishes? Forget about it! This squat movement is also perfect for folding or putting laundry away.

How to: Grab one shirt, do one squat, and then stack the clothing according to the room in its spot. As you squat, hinge your hips back and pretend you’re sitting on a chair as you lower yourself down. Keep a proud chest, shoulders back and down, then power up from your heels to complete the movement.

Bicep twists while taking out the rubbish

Bicep curls are incredible movement for strengthening and toning your arms. 

How to: When it’s time to take out the trash, seal your garbage sack and do 5-10 bicep curls on each arm. Keep your elbows firmly to the side of your body and move gradually. If the rubbish chute is far from your unit, stop every few steps to repeat your bicep curls.

Lunge while you vacuum

In all actuality, you may need to vacuum over the same flooring a few times to clean the carpet effectively, which makes this the perfect chore for added exercise like a lunge. 

How to: Every time you push the vacuum forward, step into a front lunge. Bring your front knee over your ankle (bent at a 90° angle) as your back knee gently taps the floor. Push off your front leg and use your core muscles to return to start position, doing your best not to depend on the vacuum for support. Keep your chest still and spine straight throughout the movement.

Tone side abs as your sweep

Sweeping is an excellent opportunity to utilize those side abs muscles (i.e., obliques). 

How to: If you’re sweeping your own floor or pathway to clear dust away, hold the broom in both hands and move your arms from side to side. Keep your legs and hips stationary, only twisting your midbody as you sweep to feel the burn in your core.

Wash windows to work on your arm and shoulder 

Grab a cloth and focus on cleaning every window in your home to work your arms and shoulders. 

How to: Raise your arms and make enormous circular movements while keeping your core tight and engaged. Alternate your arms after cleaning one window.

Scrub for a cardio workout

Get your body moving while you scrub a bath, sink or top shower. 

How to: The quicker you clean, the higher your heart rate will be. Keep all of your active muscles engaged while you scrub. Switch arms so that the pressure of your body is adjusted and balanced. You may challenge yourself and do the scrubbing workout to the bathroom floor.

8. Dance for joy

Chores don’t have to be exhausting. Put on your favorite playlist and dance around the house as you clean. 

How to: Turn it up loud and take breaks in between. Dancing between the cleaning tasks will increase your heart rate and turn chores into an ultimate exercise.

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