7 Benefits of massage

If you’re like me who appreciates massages, all hail to JB cheap massage parlor, you might be wondering whether or not massages have other benefits for people with medical ailments. Most of us have the rough idea that the occasional rubdown is positive for the body and if it is helpful depending on the circumstances.

In spite of research to support the benefits of a massage, you can’t simply book a massage in exchange of seeking medical attention. You may have seen on TikTok that massaging certain points on the back of your head to relieve an occasional headache or gently kneading your abdomen to alleviate a stomach ache might be feasible.  It is ideal to talk with an expert if you’re hoping to ease pain caused by a medical condition via massage. 

That being said, here are 7 reasons why you ought to get your next massage fix!

1. Relieving stress via relaxation

The main advantage of massage is stress-relief. Massage therapy diminishes stress-hormones like cortisol, which in turn lower stress and encourage relaxation.

2. Intimacy between couples

Physical touch accomplishes more than simply feel good. Several studies suggest that physical touch can lower blood pressure and increase hormones like oxytocin, which causes us to feel better. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a medical massage, or if you are looking to bond better with your partner, it’s not a bad idea to break out some massage oil and use it on them (or the other way around).

3. Constipation relief

If you’re managing constipation, a stomach massage  may help lighten some of your discomfort. A 2016 study published in Gastroenterology Nursing found that abdominal massages helped move bowels and ease the stomach pain.

4. Migraine relief

A tension headache can feel like there’s a tight band wrapped around your head. It has been said that there is evidence that massages can provide relief for this kind of headache by explicitly easing muscle tension in your head, neck, and shoulders which might alleviate your headache symptoms.

5. Sleep deprivation

Massages positively impact stress and lower stress levels can help encourage sleep, with consistent  bedtime routines and restricting screen time before bed

6. Muscle soreness and strain

When your muscles are sore, a massage can help bring blood flow to the area which encourages recovery, according to a meta-analysis study published in 2015.  

7. Momentary arthritis and joint pain relief

As your massage therapist kneads and massages muscles, blood flows to your joints, which might provide some temporary relief. Ensure to inform that you have arthritis prior to your massage therapy session so that your therapist can walk you through which part of the body requires more attention.

Allowing somebody to put their hands on your body is an unbelievably personal experience, and COVID-19 further complicates that. After figuring out exactly what you hope to gain from your massage therapy sessions, whether it is pain management or just a spa-like experience, just make sure that they are applying an appropriate amount of pressure throughout the massage.

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