Natura Vive in Urubamba

Quick break down of my discovery of an extraordinary experience no doubt. Natura Vive! 

Prior to the pandemic, travellers can book one-night stay at the Skylodge which  includes transportation to the Valley from Cusco City, a safety seminar prior to your climb, dinner, your overnight stay in the coolest lodging on the planet with astounding perspectives on the night sky with the valley beneath.

The Skylodge hotel is situated on the side of a 400 feet cliff in the wonderful country of Peru. There are only 3 rooms available and that you have to hike up the cliff to arrive at your room Via Ferrata – which is a path used to securely ascend a mountain side with least equipment or climbing experience.

The climb  was referenced to be energizing, not too difficult, and worthwhile as it offered delightful views. You may have a sense of security during the whole experience as you will be securely strapped and connected to a steel cable the entire climb,  which empowers you to ascend and achieve levels of experienced climbers. When explorers start the move up to the Sky Lodge, the views on the Sacred Valley underneath are uncovered. About halfway up, there is a bridge which they had to cross over, with the Valley below up – which will be completely surreal & exhilarating.

What a beautiful view you would have! Dozing under the stars in this glass encased room would be breathtaking and getting up to an early sunrise on the side of a cliff would be an once in a blue moon experience!

Their Pods – completely contained glass & steel units, providing travellers a 300 degree view on the encompassing mountain and valley. Natura Vive was opened in 2013, making them the first hanging lodge in the world.  

As I am presently working on the itinerary to my solo trip to Peru, I found out about Via Ferrata on Tripadvisor.  After watching the gallery on the same website, I instantly realised that I needed to include this into my travel bucket list. Unfortunately, due to the popularity and limited rooms, I do understand that there are a waiting list for the accessibility of a short-term stay at Nature Viva.

I have about two years to get fitter to accomplish my objectives as I would need to overcome the climb. Yet by watching a couple YouTube videos and reading through various travel blogs, it calms my nerves as they provided tons of tips about packing light and to carry all my essentials during the climb. 

Not at all like most zipline courses, on the zipline at Natura Vive, you are given enormous gloves and  are instructed to put your gloved hand on the zipline to slow yourself down prior to arriving the platform. The guide waiting at the destination will give you a sign telling you to slow yourself down.

Each pod contains resting quarters that contain high quality mattresses, pillows and blankets. It likewise has shades for privacy, though that would defeat the purpose of sleeping on the side of the cliff.

There are 300 degree views of the Sacred Valley which was a part of the Incan Empire. It is quite possibly the most beautiful view in the world!

In case you’re thinking about what to do when nature calls, there is a 2 piece washroom in each cabin with an ecological toilet and sink. You may see the valley  beneath from the restroom and there are curtains available if you fear others from the next pod observing you. 

Each pod has the exit situated on the highest point of the pod for safety reasons. 

If you are new to mountain climbing, you can choose to take an alternative route and hike to the top. The entire hike has permanent safety features installed including ropes and ladders.  You are also attached to zip lines the whole time which allows guests of all ages and capabilities to make it to their rooms. In the morning you can either repel down the mountain or take the zip-line back down to the valley floor.

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