Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia

Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is approximately 12,000 feet above ocean level. That is equivalent to almost 2,000,000 football fields!

The world’s largest salt flat, Salar was formed after a few evaporated lakes that had occupied the area thus the salt deposits drained from the encompassing mountains were deposited there.   This is the aftereffect of a few ancient lakes and their gradual transformations over the long haul. 

 A visit to Bolivia’s salt flats usually involves snapping an image of their immense landscape that plays with the perspective. Yet, there’s something else entirely to the spot than that. 

There are a wide range of tours options, and it tends to be somewhat hard to decide what is best. 

Budget Tours: 

Though it can be cheaper when booking generally on the streets of Uyuni, it is hard to determine where you will be visiting and who is operating the trip. Often, the companies will pool the crowd and fill up the cars at high volumes. Thus lead up to higher risks of amateurish drivers and non-English speaking guides, drivers who fill in as the guide, cook and driver which leads to exhaustion and overworking. Companies who operate in these conditions put the travelers in danger, as the drivers can nod off at the worst possible time.

Classic Tours:

For those searching for a budget-friendly trip but with a minimum of fundamental English guide,  this is the option for adventure travelers not requiring or needing upscale services or accommodation, but yet an incredible experience.

High End Tours:

On the off chance that you are seeking more luxurious accommodations and services in the area where there are limited options available, we suggest looking into the newly built glamping domes that are directly in the center of the Flats called – Kashi Lodge, these have a minimum 2 night stay or the 3 day tour in the famous luxury salt hotels (Luna Salada Hotel & Hotel Tayka). 

Custom Tours:

The individuals who need customized tours with particular dates and specific destinations, it very well may be arranged for those wanting something private. These tours allow you to go at your own speed, and you can book an extra evening if you would like a longer visit.  

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