What me as a Singaporean misses about Bangkok

Thailand is the first neighboring country that I want to visit right after the pandemic. It’s been almost four years since I went there, so by now, I’m craving to go there as much as I did when I landed there on the first time. 

While waiting for travel bubble news between Singapore and the neighboring countries, I am keeping an eye on news about Thailand and how they plan to open up the country. I am dying to be on a flight that will make me re-experience Bangkok I’ve been missing.


This ain’t a surprise, personally I feel that Halal food is accessible easily and their 7-11 is on a whole different league (similar to Japan). On every corner, there is something to eat for a cheap price. It may be a less-organized city at a glance, but there are street vendors around that are permitted to park almost everywhere and this comes with the ease of living amongst the chaos. Fruits, ice-cream, Mango sticky rice, Milk tea, collagen drinks, fried Mama noodles, Fried octopus on sticks and seaweed laid out on each stretch of the street with competitive prices where you are bound to stop by to get a snack before continuing to the next pit stop. There are just so many uniquely delicate blends of tastes and heat you just don’t find outside the country.

The Shopping

Travellers enjoy the various shopping experiences that Bangkok has to offer and it goes beyond a stroll in their many popular malls or their infamous Chatuchak market or the busy night markets. morning spent browsing a market. Shopping in Bangkok is a day-and-night activity that runs parallel with the best in the West, while also giving a flavour of the cultural uniqueness of the East. Work your way through these entirely different shopping experiences, and you’ll soon come to realize why Bangkok is such a famous retail hub.

The Prices

My bank account is piled up preparing for a hefty amount of shopping as the price difference between Singapore and Bangkok is quite staggering. It is entirely possible to spend $500 for a two week stay with comfortable stay in a 4-star hotel with access easily to the great malls and night markets. It is definitely possible to have a fancy life in Thailand for under $1000/month and the ability to eat out for every meal, a scooter to ride around on, movies, drinks with minimum shopping. There’s just no comparison.

Night Life

Welcome to Bangkok – a city that never sleeps. There is a constant crowd on the streets. There will always be people, every night of the week there are markets, street food on every corner, temples to explore and so much more.

It’s exotic, vibrant, chic and warm all at the same time. And I do like it. Night markets can be found all over the city and no two are the same. It typically starts around 5 PM and lasts all night long, some until midnight! Night markets are also an awesome way to immerse yourself into Thai culinary and fashion culture and see how the locals live, dress and eat. 

There are many constant yearning besides the four factors above but truthfully, the main factor on why I am re-watching my Boomerangs on Instagram that I uploaded while on the trip there.

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