Cruise Getaway Experience

I had this preconceived notion that cruise was for the rich. Perhaps it was just ingrained in my mind ever since watching the Suites Life of Zack and Cody. Personally, I was never really into boats or any water activities as I discovered really early on that I experienced severe motion sickness to a point that I struggle with the slow waves movements. With that, I never really harped on embarking on a cruise experience despite my best friend’s fantastic journey with Royal Caribbean. 

With the pandemic hindering my yearly trip away from Singapore (been traveling since I was 12), the only way I can be physically out of the country is to sign up for the Cruise to Nowhere. The same best friend, J, suggested to me and since I was resigning, I decided to take a leap of faith and entrusted that it will be the fulfilling journey. 

He made the necessary arrangements of booking and I simply paid my share of the packages! Do note that the packages are per room and not per individual so we had to agree on the kind of packages we want as a team. We opted for wifi, unlimited alcoholic beverages and the Dining At Wonderland Restaurant On Royal Caribbean. Needless to say these packages are pretty expensive on top of room charges yet it was worthwhile. 

Despite what J might have shared, my bench mark was pretty much non-existent. I did not bother looking up online on Youtube or checking out the blog post recounting their recent cruise experience. What I relied on was the email blasts by Royal Carribean and I was still mind blown by my virgin cruise experience! The fact that I submitted my resignation the day I booked my getaway and me being on the waters hours after my last day was emotional to begin with. 

It was not a good start but with my unlimited drink pass, there is bound to be fun! The hassle of the safe distancing measure on every stop gave me the impression of a moving mall on the water but this meant there are limitations at each location and that was exciting! The idea of the occupancy being less than 50% than usual means less bumps, less waiting time and perfect for the introverts. There is no fear of overspending with my packages covering all my drinking needs and the shows being complimentary as long you booked in advance. I also tremendously enjoyed the fine dining and unwind thoroughly by watching Netflix and feast through their buffets. 

Making an effort to blog and write every experience is akin to not really fully experiencing the event, I could hardly recall the whole trip other than combatting my negative fear of not finding a job with lots of food and liquor and all-night talk with my best friend as though we were in high school over again. Below are the images snapped with bad light and poor framing but they were an honest representation of my mentality of unplanned discovery.

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