Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine in Royal Caribbean

Looking back on what I have posted yesterday about my personal recount, I notice that it was essentially nothing substantial. Hence I decided to work on revising it by focusing my favorite astounding moment of all time – the fine dining experience with the WONDERLAND package.

Firstly I was informed that the portion is not huge but the food is creative and unique curated to fit the theme of Alice in Wonderland. That being said, I was really expecting small plates with fancy one-bites of each course to half-fill my stomach. I couldn’t be proven more wrong and solely this experience makes me want to bring my sister to seize the opportunity of the same dining experience. I enormously love the entrance of the restaurant despite the hassle of having to tap our token. There was a huge ass fancy chair for customers to take photos and the whole exterior itself is intriguing. 

I am never into fine dining and needless to say, I was pretty skeptical. Often things wrapped in a beautiful packaging tends to be disappointing to the taste buds. Despite it all, I brushed the doubts back of my head knowing that it was still a holiday and dinner with good friends makes food tasty nevertheless.   

Being a media design student, I greatly appreciate restaurants making an effort to use a suitable font that represents the restaurant over a corporate look and feed. I am so in love with the font used on the logo! I am only able to recognise the century gothic for the tagline and I am pretty sure that the calligraphy for the restaurant was either handwritten or illustrated exclusively and it is consistent with the external backdrop. It gives you an illusion of mystery and how reality is synonymously enclosed. 

One of the highlights besides the entrance are the ambience. Similar to fancy restaurants that are dimmed to provide a look and feel of mystery, I was pretty disturbed by the dark exteriors with over-the-top wall decoration which seems to eradicate light from the window. .

Look at how spooky at the first glance! It is as though light is not necessary for the ambience and the highlight is only what the table has to offer. 

The dimmed chandelier but lighted candles on the table reminds me of Beauty and the beasts but damn, it was the wrong fairytale. Pardon me for not being a Disney fan but J is always so excited to share that this is identical or straight out of the scene from the 1951 Disney film – Alice in the Wonderland. He shared that this concept is to evoke the dining guest’s emotions similar to when Mad Hatter invites Alice to tea which emphasizes uncertainty and implies being unsure of what to expect and takes a leap of faith.

The staff in the restaurant goes beyond being a server and all dressed and acts the part too, with velvet jackets and multi-colored outfits being engaging enough to take us on a delicate palate journey with them leading us to a table with high chairs and the performance started as soon as you are seated. We were greeted with a small introduction and us being questioned if we ever were here to Wonderland figuratively and dietary restrictions if any, after which ended with showing us the easel with a blank menu and a paintbrush. If at the end of the meal you are still hungry, or there was something on the menu you wanted to try you can request the dish.

We would have to wet the paintbrush slightly and then brush it over the canvas to reveal the menu.  As we paint, the menu appears magically and we see what’s offered. 

The menu is definitely for individuals up to an experimental dining experience. With the menu divided up by four elements – sun, ice, fire, sea and earth which distinctly was perfected with that element in mind. When dining at Wonderland every course will be a surprise, but you will get at least one dish per element. You will not know what to expect but when you taste it, you are bound to taste the component of that chosen element in the dish and etc. Being unknown does not translate crazy but you will not expect a regular mushroom soup as a starter. Here are some of the food I had that was so amazing and insanely creative but frenzy on the taste buds, I know that I thoroughly love all that was served except 1 earthy dish that had me, pursing my lips, eyes open widely, eyebrows raised and tongue pushing the remaining of the earthy crumbling down the throat. 

Below are some of my snaps of the food that I consumed as Alice!

Do you know what is in that transparent tube? It is frigging tomato soup which is captivating because it is colorless but the exquisite taste of tomato is evident and complements the crispy Crab Cone. It is weird expecting plain water and getting tomato soup.

 Shrimp Kaitafi and Liquid Lobster with caviar – one of my favorite surprises. Shrimp yum, lobster yum and the sauce is just pure yummy indulgence. This reminds me of a warm blanket in a cold aircon room. 

The memorable dish for me was the one served with ice element- oceanic citrus consisting of spicy tuna & floral yuzu granite and may I say, I still dream about tasting this again.

This horror not so much! HAH! Above is one of the earthy dish I believe known as baby vegetables in the garden and the soil in the dish is supposedly delicious when mixed with the ranch yoghurt-like texture but it was an instant rejection for me. 

There are more that I have tasted since I went in a group of 4 and honestly almost all was worth every penny. In the case where you are unsure, you may always ask the server to suggest or order on behalf of you guys. 

The food will not disappoint you overall and you are bound to have that little bit of wonderland inside of you, inside the tummy.

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