Top 5 Outdoor things to do in Santorini

Truthfully, being single for more than a decade can be miserable. I am someone who truly loves romantic cliché rom coms and a big believer in holding oneself for the one true love. Does it even exist or something to be worked on and cultivated together as a couple? It is a topic that is intriguing and truly captivates my mind however sadly to say it would not be elaborated here.  For someone who loves travelling and seeing my peers planning their honeymoon, I was often questioned about my ideal honeymoon destination. Since then, I had never really visited anywhere remotely romantic because I wanted to savor those experiences with my life partner (cause marriage can be overrated and the term husband is tacky).   As an overall, I was torn with three destinations with different key elements – Santorini, Paris and Iceland. 

Personally, Santorini is represented as a sun element with the bright and colorful walls of the town accompanied by the exquisitely clear waters. So below are 5 romantic activities you can do with your loved one in Santorini! 

Catamaran Caldera Cruise

This romantic sunset cruise is ideal for couples looking for a trip of pure relaxation, excellent Greek food, and incredible views of Santorini. On top of unlimited wine, beer, and soft drinks along the island’s beautiful beaches and rugged cliffs, the views of the world-famous sunset in Oia as you leaned against one another is a luxury. One of the highlights of the tour is the delicious barbecue feast right after the dipping session at the local hot springs.

Stand-Up Paddle and Snorkel Adventure

Explore a morning paddling and snorkeling adventure off the coast of Santorini with your partner. Soak up the sparkling Santorini coastline on this scenic paddle board excursion, which includes a hands-on introductory lesson. Afterwards, hit the water to explore the cliff-lined shore. Routes are calculated based on wind direction and wind power for optimal paddling. You will also get a chance to snorkel below water, with all equipment included. 

Traditional Wine Horse Riding Tour

Unique tour involving horses, scenic landscape and glass of wine, it takes alot to ruin a memorable moment for lovebirds! Riding beautiful horses through the most traditional village of Santorini island. Admiring picturesque scenery and tradition, with blue dome churches, local tavernes, the cobble streets of the cozy village, couples may also ride out from the village into the surrounding vineyards where you will experience the beauty of the pristine countryside. The guide-instructor gives a lot of information about the grapes and wines, and relax by tasting a unique glass of wine in the stables.

ATV-Quad Santorini Experience 


Beginning from Perissa also known as the black beach, riding the ATV, you will be entertained throughout the off road paths. The first highlight would be the Emporio and the Venetian castle, built in narrow streets that feels like a labyrinth. Momentarily leaving the ATV, hold hands as you guys “get lost” on them. While taking a stroll, both of you can enjoy a Greek coffee or juice in one of the most traditional coffee places of the island. Afterwards, proceed to continue the journey towards the windmills with the incredible view and ride to the traditional village of Megalochori through the vineyards. To reignite the passion, visit the oldest winery of Santorini and enjoy the taste of high quality wine (3 wines) and kirthar boukies . This spot will take your breath away, the whole caldera lying on your feet, a fantastic place for lil make out session.

Uncharted Escapes: LandRover Safari Santorini

Head off the beaten track and explore Santorini by a Rover. Drive up to the Profitis Monastery, set upon the highest mountain on the island, enjoy a wine tasting and admire the views of the caldera at Venetsanos Winery, and visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse. Both of you can indulge a delicious lunch of authentic Greek food in the village of Pyrgos and learn about Greek culture. 

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