Hopes Diminished for travel plans to Bangkok

Just last week, I shared my intention to travel solo to Bangkok once I get my vaccination to my family members. Without any surprise, they were very concerned once again with that idea. 

But then again, they knew that their opinion would not impose any influence on my decision. My sharing is just an extension of my courtesy for them to be updated. This freedom is not an act of rebellion (I’m 27 for goodness sake) but I have proved to them that I am capable of surviving on my own. 

I would say that it was emotional for me to know about the recent updates in Thailand especially when many Singaporeans have long desired to return to the City of Night Markets and Cheap apparels..

 The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has extended the eleventh consecutive extension of the state of emergency for two more months after it expires on 31 March, 2021 to prevent a resurgence in COVID-19 infections.

The announcement cited several risk factors, including the fact that Thailand continues to detect new COVID-19 infections in various areas, especially local markets and communities.

In addition, there are several holiday periods and long weekends during April and May, which will encourage people’s movement and travel.

So can we actually travel to Thailand now?

With the latest update by Thailand authorities(April 11, 2021) , it reports 967 new COVID-19 infections which brings the total number of cases to 32,625 since January 2020. Out of the 32,625 cases, there are 28,128 recoveries, 97 deaths, and 2,567 cases currently undergoing treatment. The government has mandated that the mandatory quarantine to 10 days and 7 days for vaccinated travelers. Furthermore  the Thai Embassies and Consulates are now issuing  Certificate of Entry to enter Thailand including those nationalities under Visa Exemption list. For any foreigners who would like to enter the country, Covid-19 insurance is required and has to reserve Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel prior to travelling.

The Thai Embassies and Consulates are now issuing 60-day tourist visa and special tourist visa (STV) and Certificate of Entry to enter Thailand. However for those seeking travel for pleasure are still forbidden as only diplomats and foreign workers including their families, business representatives and experts invited by the government with official documents, are allowed to enter Thailand. They must get in touch with the local Thai Embassy in their current location to apply for a Certificate of Entry and for more information about the eligibility.

Since the start of October 1, 2020,  Thailand has enabled limited numbers of long stay foreign tourists under the Special Tourist Visa (STV) Program.  This long stay visa is open to foreign nationals  travelling to Thailand with the intention to stay long term as tourists to boost the tourism industry. Those who are qualified, must get in touch with the local Tourism Authority of Thailand Office or Thai Embassy in their current location for more information.

With that being said, I hope that the vaccination will progress world-wide and assist in opening up the borders for avid travellers to explore the various parts of Thailand. This recent outbreak in Thailand which is gradually growing, has halted the nation’s plan to welcome back tourists.

Cases have spiked occasionally since the start of the year which thus proved that the spread of coronavirus has yet to be contained internally. This could jeopardise Thailand’s efforts to boost the local travel industry. Authorities have urged people to avoid unnecessary travel and reduce gatherings to help limit the outbreak.

Thailand is already planning to reopen Phuket from July and waiving quarantine for vaccinated tourists heading there. It’s using the resort island as a testing ground before expanding similar measures to other tourist hotspots such as Koh Samui.

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