Fasting Review Day 1

It has always dawned me that fasting is always a struggle only on the first day. It was less about the lack of food or drink but more of lack of sleep. I wish I was someone who does not enjoy sleep but I am the type who can sleep consecutively for 14 hours and even then, it is tiring for me. So waking up at 2.30am to actually eat what my mom cooks – a fistful of rice topped with three sambal prawn and a scoop of spinach, is nutritionally sufficient but at the same time, it is quite heavy for me to process it and sleep immediately after. 

Furthermore, I am also attracted by the ongoing US stock market which closes at 4am in the morning. Being quite bloated accompanied by loud snores from my roommate, I was desperately tossing everywhere only to sleep for a good hour. I woke up with eye bags that ruin my morning, I needed sleep more than food and water. I dragged myself into the washroom and showered, proceeding to go to work. 

The Holy month of Ramadan was meant to be a month of reflection and on the way to work, I kept reflecting on how I should have slept till 4.30am instead. That means my sleep is not disrupted, I could eat and exercise afterward to refresh myself and then showered before going to work. Dreading to work, I kept reminiscing about my previous workplace where I was reprimanded for sleeping on my lunch break, which is ridiculous because I cannot possibly eat lunch when fasting, could I?

Ironically in my current workplace, I was able to get about 40minutes of sleep and I was much more exhausted upon waking up from my sleep. The 20 minutes of my lunch time was me entertaining my colleague who was showing me Tiktoks of Mukbang. That did not tempt me at all, not even a lil bit since I am already resisting the temptation of eating my favourite food while on a calorie deficit. What I envy was my other Muslim colleagues napping during their break as well. 

While the time passed quickly at work, the hour long journey back home meant that I would reach home just in time before buka so no time and effort to set up the table for the feast! Right after that, we will go for a brisk walk to process our food better. In case it did not tire me enough, I’m gonna get started on my resistance band exercises. 

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