Skydiving in Dubai

I would say that Skydiving is one of the most adventurous activities that one can do. In all honesty, I am so afraid of heights but despite it all, I would never back out from taking the scary rides in the amusement parks. However, the exception goes to the freefall attractions like Giant Drop. Perhaps it’s my desire to not look soft and feeling the need to show my “manly” self, but the ability is limited to speedy and exhilarating rides. Put me on a Ferris wheel and you will probably see me clutching the steel poles tightly, lips curled up and my eyes twitching unsure to leave it open or closing it entirely. 

Despite it all, I am very sure now that I would like to skydive in the exact location that Kim Jong Kook did. If you get turned on by thrill, experience the bliss of adrenaline rush of skydiving. For beginners or novice individuals, skydiving is a sport where you jump out of the plane. (and please don’t get mistaken like Lee Dae Hae who did not know that skydiving is jumping while flying in a plane itself)

Skydive Dubai has two locations in Dubai offering breathtaking views as people skydive over Dubai’s sand dunes or over the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island. The Palm location is open all year round, while our Desert Dropzone is open from September to May. Blue skies and soft landings from everyone at Skydive Dubai.

A tandem skydive over The Palm in Dubai is approximately $600 USD. You are attached to an experienced instructor. The price includes all photos and a video but excluded insurance or the one-minute Instagram video, which can be purchased separately. 

The idea of jumping out of the plane 13,000 feet over The Palm in Dubai and the experience of free falling over Dubai at approximately 120 miles per hour is exhilarating and has been mentioned as worthy of every penny! In fact, after jumping out of the plane, the individual will free fall approximately 60 seconds. After the parachute is deployed, one will gently and slowly float for about 5 minutes for the remaining descent.

Do note to include preparation of at least 3-4 hours from the initial check in time to the time photos are provided. Firstly you will check in, where they will calculate your weight and BMI. Then you will get outfitted with your gear, meet your instructor, and do an interview with your photographer.

Once on the plane, the take-off, ascent, skydive, and landing takes approximately 20 minutes. Your videos and pictures will be ready to pick up about 45 minutes after you land.

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