Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

These is simply a compilation of my inner thoughts or reaction to a personal recount about VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) by Christian Abellaneda on Youtube.

How is that holy possible? The idea where the surgery removes about 80-90% of the stomach makes me google how heavy will it be. Like err, no wonder we are not able to eat much after that. 

Oh, he’s hilarious. A vlogger with limited memory capacity cause it makes sense not to have a spare one. :’)

Oh, same bro same. They say you’re young and you can lose the weight. If I had been trying for almost a decade and it did not go well, why do I want to continue more time and effort to do so, losing my time to actually experience the world as it is. 

Yikes, this is a dealbreaker. How can it be painful when it’s keyhole surgery? My prospective surgeon suggested otherwise. 

Morphine relieves pain but gives hypnic jerks which prevent you from sleeping. Good game, I’ll be in pain and cranky cause I won’t be able to sleep.

Hearing him longer, I feel that he exaggerated the side effects or his claim of having higher tolerance of pain is not scalable to women’s tolerance of period cramps. Acid reflux lasting two month had him whining about it for one full minute. He thanked god for the acid reflux medication that he took for a month. HAHA.

Another hit on his lack of memory space, damn that was a skit. 

WHHHHAATT? Struggling with drinking water? Were you even prepared for the surgery in the first place?

I gave up watching cause he mentioned that he was still head-hungry cause he wants to consume it all but his stomach is unable to take in the food. I mean that is the purpose of the surgery, right? So why does he sound like he is taking it the easy way out. 

Secondly, he whines about having cravings and he read off an article saying that the brain/body part that signals hunger will be activated and you will not have cravings. He mentioned that it reduces drastically though. Uugh bro, if you are battling cravings then you don’t look at food and keep the objectives on top of your mind. This is not a surgery where you automatically have skinny person behavior afterwards. Do your diligence and stay away from looking at food and stay motivated on your weight loss journey. 

Willpower is what gonna sets you apart from the patients with failed procedures. 

This personal vlog was a whirlwind, it was funny at first and then informative and then turned into a personal whining session. At the 10minutes mark, I decided that I did not want to waste my 3minutes and 50 second to watch the remaining bits. 

The absurdity of being in midst of my fasting and hearing a grown ass man whining of not being able to eat as much as before, is whole another level. The same man who went under a knife for health sake and seeking better quality of life to decrease the size of his stomach so that he can restraint his food consumption, is currently recording a Vlog about the side effects that are not physical but generally just lack of self-discipline. 

So was this video life-changing? 

I literally rolled my eyes thinking how I have wasted my time on this and am glad that I am actually watching this during office hour. It has not made a single impact on my decision and I was not even swayed by the informative facts after realizing his exaggeration.

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