Losing facial fat

Unfortunately as time passes, our skin starts to sag making us look more mature than before. Unlike the rest of muscles in the body, a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used. While there are various gym equipment that can make you lose belly fat, thigh fat, arm fat but what about face fat?Continue reading “Losing facial fat”

Is it wise to travel now?

We may get excited with the news of the upcoming travel bubble but undeniably taking a flight isn’t what it used to be nor will it be the same. I believe even if the days of the Covid-19 ever goes away, the effects will be more prominent in general in terms of the minor changesContinue reading “Is it wise to travel now?”

Should I get a personal trainer?

Just over the last weekend, I was in the midst of a serious discussion with four good friends of mine who wanted to get serious about weight management. One of them is getting married, one of them wants to start conceiving, one is planning to get engaged and another is having chest pains because ofContinue reading “Should I get a personal trainer?”

Top 5 Outdoor things to do in Santorini

Truthfully, being single for more than a decade can be miserable. I am someone who truly loves romantic cliché rom coms and a big believer in holding oneself for the one true love. Does it even exist or something to be worked on and cultivated together as a couple? It is a topic that isContinue reading “Top 5 Outdoor things to do in Santorini”

6 Simple Resistance Bands Exercise

Undeniably you would think that for any strength training workout, you will need dumbbell or weights in general. However, it is possible to strengthen and sculpt your arms at home with a resistance band with a consistent workout routine. I was similarly skeptical about whether resistance bands can actually work my arms and legs soContinue reading “6 Simple Resistance Bands Exercise”

Emotionally unavailable

I am constantly told that I was emotional and dramatic as a child/teenage (10-15 years old). Perhaps my tear ducts have dried up over twelve years to a point that now,  I am exhausted with any situation that requires emotional involvement. Someone tease about being obese and I’ll be the one questioning how my presenceContinue reading “Emotionally unavailable”

Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine in Royal Caribbean

Looking back on what I have posted yesterday about my personal recount, I notice that it was essentially nothing substantial. Hence I decided to work on revising it by focusing my favorite astounding moment of all time – the fine dining experience with the WONDERLAND package. Firstly I was informed that the portion is notContinue reading “Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine in Royal Caribbean”

Calculate Your Basic Metabolic Rate

To any individual seeking an improvement of their health, they often need more than just an exercise routine to be more efficient on their fitness journey. Without proper food intake which makes up 80% of weight transformation, they often have to adjust the duration of workout and the intensity of exercise routine. So, how manyContinue reading “Calculate Your Basic Metabolic Rate”

Addiction to Sugar

One of my concerns during the bariatric consultation is the idea of meeting the psychologist to understand why I overeat. Based on the series – 600 lbs life, they tend to depict that the patients rely on food as a coping strategy for their trauma or emotional scars they have.  Even after much consideration, IContinue reading “Addiction to Sugar”

Cruise Getaway Experience

I had this preconceived notion that cruise was for the rich. Perhaps it was just ingrained in my mind ever since watching the Suites Life of Zack and Cody. Personally, I was never really into boats or any water activities as I discovered really early on that I experienced severe motion sickness to a pointContinue reading “Cruise Getaway Experience”