Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you are 35 or more kilograms overweight, gastric sleeve surgery is one of the safest and most reliable options for progressive long-term weight loss. To summarize the surgical procedure, your doctor will be drastically reducing the size of your stomach. It has been said that from Day 1 of recovery, you won’t feel asContinue reading “Gastric Sleeve Surgery”

My take on the pandemic impact on Singapore tourism industry

It was sad for most Singaporeans who were not able to travel in 2020. To add on, personally, it was unlikely to go on a shopping spree in Singapore because the currency used remains the same. With the same value, I tend to calculate the item and translate the cost in terms of hours orContinue reading “My take on the pandemic impact on Singapore tourism industry”

How to give yourself a massage

If monthly (or weekly!) massages were complimentary, I probably would be the first to queue. But with an average cost of $45 per hour (in Singapore), it’s not exactly an affordable expense on my salary monthly. To add on, having to squeeze in massages to work around your work schedule amongst gym time and chillContinue reading “How to give yourself a massage”

What me as a Singaporean misses about Bangkok

Thailand is the first neighboring country that I want to visit right after the pandemic. It’s been almost four years since I went there, so by now, I’m craving to go there as much as I did when I landed there on the first time.  While waiting for travel bubble news between Singapore and theContinue reading “What me as a Singaporean misses about Bangkok”

Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia

Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is approximately 12,000 feet above ocean level. That is equivalent to almost 2,000,000 football fields! The world’s largest salt flat, Salar was formed after a few evaporated lakes that had occupied the area thus the salt deposits drained from the encompassing mountains were deposited there.   This is the aftereffect ofContinue reading “Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia”

Why I can never stick to Meal prepping

I am always motivated when planning grocery shopping based on Pinterest meal prep ideas. However, the idea of physically buying an ingredient in bulk, there are two factors that I keep in mind, date of expiry and the dimensions of the food cause I need to store them in the fridge. Often, in midweek, myContinue reading “Why I can never stick to Meal prepping”

7 Benefits of massage

If you’re like me who appreciates massages, all hail to JB cheap massage parlor, you might be wondering whether or not massages have other benefits for people with medical ailments. Most of us have the rough idea that the occasional rubdown is positive for the body and if it is helpful depending on the circumstances.Continue reading “7 Benefits of massage”

Natura Vive in Urubamba

Quick break down of my discovery of an extraordinary experience no doubt. Natura Vive!  Prior to the pandemic, travellers can book one-night stay at the Skylodge which  includes transportation to the Valley from Cusco City, a safety seminar prior to your climb, dinner, your overnight stay in the coolest lodging on the planet with astoundingContinue reading “Natura Vive in Urubamba”

Review of the first consultation

Hi guys! This is a review of my first consultation with the physician at the Bariatric Clinic in room C59 at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Noting that I was super excited as this appointment was one month since the referral from Woodlands Polyclinic, I woke up early and did my morning exercise as per normalContinue reading “Review of the first consultation”