Top 5 Local Tiktok Fitness Trainer You Should Check Out To Stay Motivated

TikTok may have given the impression of a just-for-fun app that only tweens were using. However, that’s definitely not the case anymore as people tend to have a shorter attention span hence the small clips under the #TikTokfitness world are blowing up! Now there are plenty of health experts, which includes lots of personal trainersContinue reading “Top 5 Local Tiktok Fitness Trainer You Should Check Out To Stay Motivated”

What’s Up With Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble?

It has been a while since we hear any new progression about the Hong Kong – Singapore Travel bubble, with the recent second wave of Covid-19 Transmission.  Cliche beginning Hong Kong remains to be a country that is near my heart, simply because it was my very first travel destination when I turned 12. PardonContinue reading “What’s Up With Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble?”

Should You Exercise Every Day?

This is the million-dollar question behind an individual who is about to start on their fitness journey. How regularly would it be a good idea for you to work out? Furthermore, will it even be a good idea for you to do during every exercise to make the most out of it?  Like most thingsContinue reading “Should You Exercise Every Day?”

The Thorn At The Back Of My Head

Hi guys! This will be a short update on my weight loss journey as tomorrow marks one month since my first consultation at the Woodlands polyclinic, which I was referred to the weight management clinic at KTPH. The doctor was super approachable and amicably shared about the process and the possible outcome where patients mayContinue reading “The Thorn At The Back Of My Head”