My Supplements Intake

Hi guys!

As I have just started implementing cardio into my weekly routine, may I just share that I absolutely abhor anything that requires me to jump?! Perhaps cause my bosom is heavy or I am just not having the correct support, the stretching exercises that I did prior to the workout does not aid my back sores. I never knew how much I adore my massage gun when it effectively targets my spots that aches terribly. Additionally, that got me thinking that without all the small little things like gadgets and supplements to complement my fitness journey, I may have given up easily halfway before achieving the desired goal.

The supplements are not weight-loss miracle pills but just vitamins or products that filled in the gaps where my diet cannot fulfill. I was previously taking in Alive Vitamins daily because it was a cheaper alternative to my usual Centrum vitamins. However, I could barely finish one month’s supply before I urgently ordered mine from Amazon! Ironically, it was cheaper getting my vitamins online even with delivery charges from the US than off the shelves at Guardian or Watson. There were no side effects in taking the Alive Vitamins, but it just had a distinct off-musky smell meanwhile Centrum was tasteless.

So why do I take vitamins?

Because like any workaholic, I tend to skip meals and eat whatever is convenient and accessible without considering that I am missing out on the essential vitamins in my food. Vitamins are substances present in various ingredients that are a fundamental part of human nutrition. Constantly getting enough of these vitamins enables your body to carry out all of its vital functions normally.

A deficiency of Vitamin intake may lead to different diseases. In addition, it could increase your risk of developing health complications in the short or long term. To add on, while I was learning in-depth about bariatric surgery, I understood that once you have undergone the surgery, you are bound to eat multivitamins all your life as it will be hard to fulfill the requirements of the body through the food you eat. Hence, I am trying to get my body used to consuming vitamins and processing them.

Besides the multivitamins, I do take Goli the apple cider vinegar gummy daily because of the benefits and the taste! You may think that it is a gimmick and it is popular due to the influences recommending the brand but honestly I do think it helped my digestive issues. I have always been bloated and constipated in the morning despite the liters of water I swallowed. Similarly, I was a little skeptical to order, thinking how can the gummy taste good cause I have tried taking the Apple Cider Vinegar instead and I could barely keep it down after swallowing it.

As I am aware of the benefits of taking the ACV shot, I attempted to give this a try. Needlessly say after the first order, my friend and I make a second purchase in a week. First of all, the taste is fantastic and I started to go toilet regularly after meals. It curbs your hunger and I truly feel that it works and tastes like a gummy bear and even children would love this.

Personally, it took about a week for me to get adjusted as I was regularly going to the toilet after eating this. My stomach does not feel bloated and I do not burp after eating as much as before. I usually eat 2 of the gummy with breakfast and 2 in the afternoon, 30 mins before lunch.

With that being said, all the supplements work great with a proper calorie deficit diet and a good amount of exercise per week. To make sure that you get all of the vitamins your body needs, it’s important to follow a balanced diet. Eating different types of foods and not restricting any group makes sure to get a constant and correct supply of most vitamins your body needs.

However, if you follow a balanced diet and still have a deficiency, as with vitamin D, you could consider taking supplements. On the other hand, taking multivitamins by default isn’t recommended, since we don’t know the long-term effects on health.

For those seeking supplements that accelerate results, you may consider Hydroxycut. I took this with Acai Berry and I lost 3kg a day when I did cardio while eating clean. However, do ensure that you do not have caffeine in the rest of your dietary or else, your heart will be unusually fast and you may have trouble sleeping. In the case, where you would like to exercise without eating any of the supplements, I am genuinely commending to you as I struggle to balance in meal prepping to include ingredients that provide sufficient nutrients and vitamins needed. Thus, that will be my next project where I will figure out to balance the money sheet for food, time for clean eating dietary for the next 6 months.

Below are the various pictures of the supplements mentioned and please do your research with the local pharmacy and physical shops to see if it is suitable for you. A reminder to drink more water as dehydration will not allow your body to absorb the necessary from what you eat.

Acai Berry
Apple Cider Vinegar
Alive Multivitamins
Centrum Vitamins

How vaccination may affect travel plans in the future

Singapore is discussing the mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccine certificates with other countries calling it a necessary step towards resuming global travel. In order to proceed with this, there must be global cooperation so that all countries have access to the vaccine. 

Locally, our  COVID-19 vaccination records are digitally stored in the National Immunisation Registry.  Citizens can easily access and view their vaccination records on the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) HealthHub app by logging into their Singpass.  Singaporeans have shown interest in vaccination and their impact on reopening tourism for leisure. Though at their back on mind is primarily focused on who is being let into the country and the rise of the Covid-19 transmitted cases. In summary, the topic tends to circle on where and how will the vaccination data be shared with the World Health Organization and other countries, and how as a small country like Singapore could determine that the vaccination records provided by visitors are authentic.

Internationally, many celebrated as International Air Transport Association (IATA) Chief, expresses that personal travel will return in the later part of the year. 

 IATA is presently working with the different states to design and plan protocols and road maps for the safe resuming of travel and reopening of borders.

One of the key elements included in the protocols is IATA’s Travel Pass, a mobile health application that electronically captures and verifies a traveler’s immunization/vaccination history and Covid-19 test results when crossing borders. 

Singapore Airlines will start testing the IATA Travel Pass on departure flights from Singapore to London. Passengers on that route using Apple iOS-enabled phones may download the Travel Pass application and set up their electronic identification with their photo and passport information.

It enables passengers to submit itinerary information and book a Covid-19 test at any of the seven clinics in Singapore, after which the users will have access their test results directly on the app. Check-in staff at Changi Airport will then be able to confirm their status, which will expedite the check-in process, according to the carrier.

But due to current regulations, travelers are required to carry a physical copy of their health certificate issued by the clinic.

IATA is targeting to work with 33 states and regions around the globe on border reopening and worldwide flights. It is an undeniable demand for air travel as people have explicitly expressed their interest to be free again, to go traveling again.

It is expected that recreation and personal travel return more rapidly than business travel. Yet, even with continuous and gradual border openings, it is said that air passenger traffic volume at the end of this year will likely be weaker as compared to the pre-Covid-19 situation.

In hindsight, governments in numerous countries remain mindfully cautious and hesitant in the midst of the potential new Covid-19 variants, which is insightful as they need to deal with their domestic situation first.

As of late, China has just announced the implementation of its vaccine passport in anticipation that it will be recognized by other countries soon, making worldwide travel easier. Germany and the United States are going to follow suit and are said to be ready to present their own shortly after. 

China is among the first in the world to issue a vaccine passport that shows details of a traveler’s Covid-19 inoculation as well as nucleic acid and antibody test results.

Chinese residents can register for the certificate on a WeChat mini program launched on 8 March, Monday. China is preparing itself to discuss with other countries on establishing mutually recognized health codes.

Nonetheless, IATA and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will speed up the procedures for safe air travel by working with the partnered airlines to provide necessary measurements on vaccination, testing, and safe air travel guidelines.

ICAO had executed various guidelines such as masks, health declarations, and empty middle seats in planes and is expected to announce its most recent protocols for health and safety guidelines within the next few weeks.

Personally, I hope that everyone does their due diligence and ensures that sufficient protocols are in place for safe traveling to resume soon.

7 Easy Stretching Routine for your Aching Muscles

It’s not enough to build muscle and achieve aerobic fitness, you need to think about flexibility, too. Stretching greatly helps.

Why is it significant?

Stretching keeps the muscles adaptable, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of movement in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when you call on the muscles for activity, they are feeble and incapable to extend all the way.  That puts you in danger of joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

How to get started?

With a body brimming with muscles, the idea of daily stretching may seem overwhelming but you don’t need to stretch every muscle you have. You may focus on the zone critical for mobility which is ordinarily at the lower part of your body like calves, hamstrings, hips, pelvis, and quadriceps in the front of the thigh. Stretching your shoulders, neck, and lower back is also beneficial for your daily activities. Aim for a routine of daily stretches or possibly three or four times per week.

The advantages of doing regular stretching exercises can help you prevent muscle injury, which will certainly eliminate soreness of a different kind. Doing stretching exercises two to three times per week for 10 to 20 minutes each session will also increase your flexibility, which can help reduce or eliminate muscle injury. Just do ensure that your muscles are warmed up with a five- to 10-minute stroll before you stretch. 

My daily stretching routine

Triceps Stretch 

 I loved this cause I can do this while on my work desk and it is pretty satisfying to feel the soreness. This simple routine stretches the neck, shoulders, back and triceps.
  1. Kneel, sit, or stand tall with feet hip-width apart, arms extended overhead.
  2. Bend your right elbow and reach your right hand to touch the top middle of your back.
  3. Reach your left-hand overhead and grasp just below your right elbow.
  4. Gently pull your right elbow down and toward your head.
  5. Switch arms and repeat.

Butterfly Stretch 

When done right, this will leave your butt aching though primarily this simple exercise stretches hips, glutes, back, and thighs
  1. Sit tall on the floor with the bottom of your feet together, knees bent out to sides.
  2. Hold onto your ankles or feet, engage your abs, and slowly lower your body toward your feet as far as you can while pressing your knees toward the floor.
  3. If you’re too tight to bend over, simply press your knees down.
  4. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Knee to Chest Stretch

This is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning because I love doing this on my mattress and stretches my lower back, hips, and hamstrings.
  1. Lie on your back with both legs extended.
  2. Pull your right knee into your chest, while keeping the left leg straight and your lower back pressed into the floor.
  3. Hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  4. Repeat on the other leg.

Seated Neck Release

Many tend to forget to stretch the neck and relieving tension in your neck can make a positive impact on the rest of your upper body, from your shoulders to your spine.
  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, or sit down with your back straight and chest lifted.
  2. Drop your left ear to your left shoulder.
  3. To deepen the stretch, gently press down on your head with your left hand.
  4. Hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes in all directions.

Standing Quad Stretch 

This is something I have just incorporated after 2-3 hours sitting on my office chair because my lower back hurts from prolonged sitting but this simple movement stretches quads.
  1. Stand with your feet together.
  2. Bend your left knee and use your left hand to pull your left foot toward your butt. Keep your knees together.
  3. If you need to, put one hand on a wall for balance.
  4. Squeeze your glutes to increase the stretch in the front of your legs.
  5. Hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Repeat on the other leg.

Sphinx Stretch

This pose stretches the lower back in a gentle way as it engages your abs, which further supports the lower back. This also stretches the chest and shoulders as you extend and lift up the upper body. 
  • Lie on your stomach with your legs straight out behind you.
  • Place your elbows under your shoulders and your forearms on the floor as you lift your chest up off the floor.
  • Press your hips and thighs into the floor, and think about lengthening your spine while keeping your shoulders relaxed.
  • Sit up just enough to feel a nice stretch in your lower back. Don’t hyperextend, and stop immediately if you start to feel any discomfort or pain.

Side Bend Stretch

In the case where your knee hurts while doing this, you may place a pillow underneath. This may be easy but if you do it slow-motion, you can really feel the tension at the side. This stretches your groin, hips and inner thigh.
  1. Kneel on the floor with your legs together, back straight, and core tight.
  2. Extend your left leg out to the side. Keep it perpendicular to your body (not in front or behind you).
  3. Extend your right arm overhead, rest your left arm on your left leg, and gently bend your torso and right arm to the left side.
  4. Keep your hips facing forward 
  5. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and repeat on the other side.

While stretching is important for flexibility and less inclined to injury, they are not the most effective way to deal with sore muscles.  It’s valuable to understand the difference between muscle soreness and muscle pain, so you can see a doctor when it’s required.

While stretching is essential for flexibility and less inclined to injury, they are not the best effective way to manage sore muscles.  It is important to comprehend the differences between muscle soreness and muscle pain, so you can see a specialist when needed to.

To overcome muscle ache,  I found the best soothing technique which would be sports massage. To relieve the soreness temporarily, I often use a Kefentech heat muscles patch or have intense pressure from my massage gun on that specific area.

Rest assured that as you repeat the same vigorous exercise routine, you’ll be less likely to experience delayed onset muscle soreness because your muscles will adapt.

Reflecting on my methods

I wish it was that easy. I’m trying to figure out the exact equation that can be followed to ensure that the numbers reflected on the scale decreases. But, upon reading up articles on the benefits and cons of cardio activities and weight lifting, it is just annoying when I realized that by just doing weight lifting, you won’t lose weight cause essentially muscles are heavier than fat though it’s leaner.

So without little cardio exercise, my weight lifting routine will increase my metabolism rate but as the muscles increases, the heavier you will be. So the loss of weight based on a calorie deficit diet will make up the gain of muscles. Too much weight lifting 🏋️‍♀️ will cause your number on the scale to increase due to your bulky state.

On the other hand, doing cardio only will burn more calories but they might burn muscles too which in turn, decreased metabolism rate. I didn’t know that the more muscles one has, the higher the metabolism rate, and thus always torn when deciding whether to do cardio or weight lifting.

After much consideration of my weak knees, I chose the weights and lost 4.5kg in the first month. Sadly in other to lose weight, I may have to include 2 days of cardio in my routine and then reduce my 5 days of strength training into 3 days.

Nevertheless, I do have to emphasize that my clothes fit better now. I will measure the diameter of my thigh and calves to see if there is a difference since February. Following the advice by Kim Jong Kook, “workout includes a diet after as well”, I went grocery shopping to buy salad mix for my subsequent home pack lunches for work. It was the very first time that my shopping basket is filled with products with a healthy logo. I brought Meiji yogurts for a snack, salad premix, salmon, oats in a sachet cause every trainer on TikTok recommended it as it is high on protein.
To my dismay, the chocolate oats by Quacker are not up to my liking as well. The only plus point is that it’s only 114 calories so it’s a healthy breakfast option when combined with Meiji fruit yogurt. I will be attempting to find interesting menus with oats to ensure that they will not be wasted.

My very first consultation with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital is on 26 March 2020, where I will be seeing a physiologist and bariatric surgeon. I’m unsure what it will be like and reading the various bariatric surgery forums, no one really journaled the day-to-day experience while on the Weight management clinic program.

Thus, I will be sharing on how the procedure is like and writing on it!
Do note that they did indicate that my target weight for me to be at, on the 26 of September would be 96kg. The big question right now is if I do meet the target, does that mean no surgery. In the case, where I failed if, how and where do I proceed then?

Nevertheless, I am slowly making progress so do me give time to make the necessary changes in my life.

5 Travel Romantic Encounters that will give you feels

Unlike what your buddies might think, you can’t force a travel fling. The stars must align for such twists of fate that cause a hiccup in your trip or, in some cases, your life. These five stories will restore your faith in finding the one!

He bought another ticket for just another 4 hours


On a work trip to New Zealand in early 2020, Hillary Eaton would up at a fancy restaurant, talking and giggling with the culinary chef, Ed. It is as though they have known each other for eternity. After numerous courses, the restaurant emptied, and it was simply them.

They talked until the morning, and her phone alarm went off rang, letting Ed know that the time had come to leave for her trip back to Australia. Ed bought her another ticket just for her to stay for four more hours. Bidding farewell felt unnaturally hard for them. So much so, that he followed her to Melbourne one week later. After under 24 hours physically together, they confessed their love. A month later, he traveled to visit her in L.A. As COVID-19 occurred, she takes the opportunity and move to New Zealand. As of now, they have since opened a bar together.

Ferry Merry from Athens to Mykonos


Anna Burgan met Adeeb, a British traveler, on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos while she was out traveling with her college friend in 2011. It was a momentary fun fling, then they went their separate ways.

Three years later, that same friend begged Anna to go to London on short notice and asked Adeeb if they could stay at his place. Anna was mortified, but he said yes.

As soon as they reunited, they just clicked. Two years later, she found a new line of work in New York to overlook a project in London. On the day before moving, Adeeb covertly flew to New York to ask her parents for their blessing before sneaking onto her flight the next night.

Once she boarded, the airline attendant ushered her to first class, giving her an envelope with a note from Adeeb – snippets of their memories together, ending with, “I’m on this plane right now … can you guess what happens next?” 

She gazed upward, and he was there on one knee. Quick forward four years later, they got hitched on the Hudson River, live in London, and have an 18-month-old son.

Cake catastrophe what? 


Sarah was entrusted to bake a wedding cake for a French friend in London. As she felt that the cake did not turn out the way she expected it, she was unleashing her feeling/defeat on the dance floor (with the aid of strong gin). She remembered seeing an attractive gentleman approaching her and began hitting the dance floor with her. They danced ’til almost 1 a.m.

He canceled his trip back to Paris and remained until she left. Two-and-a-half years later, they got hitched in November 2019 and she applied for a French visa and showed up in Paris a week before their first Covid-19 lockdown.



“We didn’t intend to fall in love in Cuba. In fact, we hardly intended to say hello to each other”.

Lisa was there on a brief mission trip to host a sports camp for local area youth. Her emphasis was on bring joy and engaging the kids. However, it seemed like at each dining area that they were in, they were consistently seated close to each other.

There was multiple occasion when they kept running into each other taking pictures of the colorful surrounding and beautiful people. It didn’t take long for Chris to ask her out. On the last night in Cuba, while the rest of headed off for an early bedtime, they shared mojitos together at the rooftop bar overlooking Santiago. Instantly there were sparks and the next nine months passed like a blur as they courted,  engaged, and then married on New Year’s Eve. They were married at a seaside bar with the best view of the sunset — as the sun sank into the Caribbean Sea.

5. The Captivating Waiter


In 2013, Holly was roaming around Italy for a five-week holiday. It was her first visit to Capri and on her subsequent night, she was drawn in by a specific restaurant and wound up dining at Ristorante Michel’angelo. From the second she walked in, she instantly felt comfortable. Little did she know this meal would change her life forever.

The waiter, Gianluca (who caught her eye was the owner) had such a warm mannerism yet could only speak a little English meanwhile she could only speak a somewhat little Italian. Toward the end of her meal, in her best Italian, she requested the bill a few times and instead received dessert and limoncello.

At first, she thought that he was not able to have understood her as she sees all the other tables were paying their bills and leaving. It dawned upon her that it was unusual when she realized that she was the only person left in the restaurant. 

Gianluca then placed his order menu pad on the table, clarified that he had not eaten, and cheekily asked to share the table. Finding it pretty amusing, she got up and showed him to the table, lit the candle, and took his request. After placing his order with the chef, she joined, and with the help of Google translate they chuckled until the early hours of the morning.

Two weddings later (one in Capri and one in Sydney) and with two beautiful baby boys, they run the same restaurant and share an appreciation for fantastic food, wine, family and a good laugh!

Gym for Beginners

Hitting a gym can be an intimidating experience for beginners starting on their fitness journey. beginning on their wellness venture. Personally, I desire privacy where I could work out without prying eyes zeroing on my bulging stomach when I do squats or sit-ups. Taking into consideration that everybody might be at various milestones on their journey, each individual may have different needs for them to accomplish their ideal goals.

Other than the privacy factor, most novices would likewise want flexible and affordable options because there is always a constant fear for us to sign up on an expensive recurring plan that we cannot commit and find it hard to quit because the personal trainers are just that good at convincing us to get back on track.

You may be compelled to join on the spot, however never do it. Regardless if you think you made up your mind, you ought to give yourself a day or two to consider it. Getting a gym membership is a commitment that can last a year or considerably more. and affects you monetarily and genuinely. This is a lesson learned from an episode of Friends where Chandler and Ross had to quit the Gym and the bank. And so, below are three suitable gyms in Singapore for newbies like me.

1.The Gym Pod, a completely equipped space that can be reserved by 30 minutes intervals and it is unmanned with no fitness coach. It is a space with gym equipment that operates 24/7, intended to focus on various aspects: cardio, dumbbells, and strength. For those that need additional help, selected new Gym Pods, which come with interactive screens and virtual tutorials. Users may simply book a session (of 30 minutes) on their App and afterward make payments to use the case on the day. As of today, there are 19 distinct outlets where you can visit them including a recently opened one at The Spin Pod @ Changi City Point where it would be $18 per session.

2. IGYM FITNESS despite operating only since 2019, IGYM FITNESS is no ordinary gym. Its facilities are completely unmanned and similar to Gym Pod, however, you will need to scan using their app whenever you enter any of their 2 locations. 

Their app was built for gym users by fitness experts, that includes many necessary features embedded. Through the app, users can register their memberships, scan for entry, and top-up their e-wallet balance to renew sessions instantly. Users will be able to track their nutrition stats with customized food and nutrition diary, preview training videos for stronger muscles or be used to log their workout routines as a digital diary.

3. MyActiveGYM operated by Sport Singapore comes with equipment suitable for individuals with disabilities, seniors, and fit. It consists of basic equipment, free weights, stacked weights, cardiovascular machines, showers, and lockers as well. It provides unlimited access during all operating hours and has a flexible membership program. In the case you go lesser 12 times a month, it may be worthwhile to pay per entry as their rates are $2.50 for adults and $1.50 for senior citizens and students.

Off-Peak membership is accessible at $15 for adults and $9 for students and senior citizens monthly from Monday to Friday, before 4pm, and excluding public holidays. Those who commit for 6 months or 12 months can get the off-peak adult membership for $40 or $80, respectively.
Currently, they have 25 locations islandwide.

Ready To Sign Up?

As usual, before splurging on the gym, weigh your options, opportunity costs, and do your research before committing. You could always jump into the various forums, speak to friends who are members of that Gym, and take advantage of free trial passes that gyms provide before embarking on your fitness journey.

10 Tips for Female Traveling Alone

Prior to embarking on my first trip alone to Mexico, I was bombarded with tons of advice from concerned friends and relatives. It was difficult persuading my folks that I might want to go 39 hours from Singapore alone. Furthermore, traveling alone requires some extraordinary sense of security and I tend to be unlucky whenever I travel.

With the understanding that all travel comes with certain risks associated with being out of your element, solo travel is safe. Like all travelers, you need to plan well, know about your environmental factors, use sound judgment and make good choices, and follow the safety tips below.

  1. Choose your destination carefully. Everyone has their personal take on safety. Some countries could never be included in the destination list for safety reasons.
  2. Buy travel insurance before you go. This is essential, even prior to Covid-19 because no one is able to be certain what will be in the way. With insurance, you will be able to have peace knowing that you are covered in the case where incidents happen. It keeps life simple and safe to buy insurance before you go.
  3. Register with your government. I certainly don’t do this every time I cross the border to JB or KL. But if you’re going for a few weeks, registering online before traveling abroad is a good idea.
  4. Schedule your arrival during daylight. The first stop for most travelers is their hotel or hostel. I recommend that you arrive in the mid-afternoon so that you can really see what kind of area you’re staying in. A safe area will always look better in daylight meanwhile an unsafe area is more obviously so in daylight. To add on, you will be able to find your accommodation more easily and if you don’t like it, you will have time to make other arrangements.
  5. Trust your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, leave. Whether it’s a bar or a park or a hostel, if you don’t feel good in the situation, if your sixth senses are tingling, it’s best to get out of there.
  6. Know the typical con/scams of your destination. If someone wants to give you something for free, it may be a good idea to decline. A rose is often offered on the streets of Barcelona to draw travelers in for a con. A ring apparently found on the ground and offered to you as the person who possibly lost it, is another ruse to turn away from. Familiarize yourself with the common con games travelers encounter.
  7. Stay alert and sleep well. While it’s wonderful to sight-see, luxuriating in its culture, you will have to be aware of your surroundings. Thus, being well-rested makes you more alert. Conversely, if you’re over-tired or jet-lagged you should be aware that you are naturally less alert.
  8. Stay sober. Whatever your drug of choice, it’s best to stay sober as you travel. This is not just important for being alert but also for your judgment. Judgment is compromised by alcohol and drugs.
  9. Be polite and not over-friendly. Being impolite can definitely get you into trouble. If people take offense at your behavior, it’s hard to know what can happen. So, definitely be polite under most circumstances. But if a person is bothering you, being polite can get you into trouble too. Know when and how to make a lot of noise and attract attention to yourself and the person bothering you.
  10. Don’t flash wealth. Leave costly things at home and don’t wear jewelry or flashy clothes and accessories that will attract attention to yourself. Even if they don’t go after your jewelry, they may target you for picking your pocket.

Review on my Health Check-Up

So how do I begin?

It has not been easy (the struggle was real) but the results for my test are apparently normal, not good but average. Nevertheless, I think it’s still good news for me despite my minor disappointment because I was expecting the numbers on the weighing scale to change drastically. 

Sadly, being reviewed by a neighborhood polyclinic means the doctor that will be attending to you is always going to be different. Thankfully, the doctor has been quite calm and less judgmental to share the various readings and emphasized what I need to work on or be aware of to stay healthy/avoid for my body not to be stressed out. 

I also showed him the list of 7 tests that are required by KTPH for my enrolment in the weight management clinic. He did note that I have lost 4.5kg since my first consultation and commended that it is a healthy rate to lose weight! Since I had only done 3 blood tests which were mainly to check on cholesterol, diabetes, and my liver, I needed to go for more tests where the results will be sent to KTPH directly.

So below is where I am now and what is my expected weight loss at the end of September this year!

If I struggle to meet the target, then I could be a hopeless cause in the doctor’s eye, to even undergo any surgery! 

One month down, 6 more months to go!

I will do it right and keep the weight off successful 💪🏼

8 Useful Travel Apps for your next getaway

Traveling alone as a female far away from the comfort zone can be intimidating. So abstain from adding to the pressure by using the right apps for your next getaway!

These apps may help save you both time and money while making the experience substantially less anxious and interesting at the same time. These travel apps can likewise provide a list of local Must-Try and hidden-away gems that most tourists don’t often see.

Citymapper helps travelers find the quickest way to their destination, providing the fastest routes and step-by-step instructions on where to find the closest bus and train stations. You’ll always be ready when the subsequent arrivals are going to be, at each of those locations, as real-time routing means you’ll get updates every minute. The app also includes a chat feature that enables you to update friends and family on where you’re in real-time.

Don’t be caught off guard when you are new to the city and know what local events are happening in your destination? Headout will show you the most popular attractions, shows, tours, and experiences in the cities like New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Hawaii, Dubai, and more.

Activities may range from catching a Broadway show to joining a fitness session or yoga within the hills facing the most breathtaking scenery. Furthermore, there are exclusive last-minute offers that may be as high as 80 percent off. Simply book through the app and head to your event of choice at a fraction of the value.

Whether you’re stumped on what to pack before your trip or in midst of your trip and unsure what to try and do during the day, you’ll need a good weather app to prepare your outfit. WeatherBug provides forecasts of numerous locations around the world, with current, hourly, and 10-day forecast options.

It also has different weather features where you can know lightning cycle and wind to pressure and humidity. You’ll even be ready to stay alert on hurricane forecasts!

Eatwith allows you to dine with locals in locations all over the globe. Menus are posted for you to browse through, while hosts will typically list what they cook, the languages they speak, and any alcohol pairings they’ll be serving. Not only does the app provide you with an opportunity to meet locals and get superb dining recommendations, but it also allows you to enjoy a high-quality meal for less than what you’d typically pay at a restaurant.

TripIt is amazingly famous for its simplicity in helping you create a travel itinerary. Simply forward your confirmation emails of hotel and flight reservations and even rental car reservations and they will customize one itinerary to assist you to stay organized with all of your plans.

With real-time notifications, you’ll get on top of knowing if your flight is delayed or canceled, with a flight finder to assist you to book a replacement option should a cancelation occur.

Another good app for the road, Waze gives you community-based data on traffic jams and data in order that you’ll be able to find points of interest just like the cheapest gas stations and the fastest routes to your destination. Live maps include voice-guided navigation to easily guide you.

Being Asians, where tipping is an unheard concept for me for many years, Piper is mostly useful as tipping customs vary in several countries, meaning you may be tipping when you don’t have to or not tipping in cases where you ought to. To help you figure out when and the way to tip, the app can be used offline, features a database of 84 countries so you’ll be able to determine whether you wish to tip in common situations like while at restaurants or grabbing a cab.

If you’re not into the City and simply looking for the best natural landscapes, Alltrails will provide you with an array of trails for hiking, biking, and running.

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1 Month Update

This is the second update about my general fitness journey since the last consultation. Once again, I would like to reiterate that this is not about whether my doctor deemed me whether I’m suitable for the weight loss program or not but more of a review of the various health tests that I have taken a week ago.

Currently, I’m having mixed thoughts about it and there are times where I kind of want something to be wrong with me so that I can be actively wanting to put in the efforts to transform. I mean I have been told that I tend to be complacent and get too comfortable about almost every aspect of life. And there is nothing wrong actually and throughout your course in life, there are times I can do that. On the other hand, you are supposed to persevere at the very important moments and that striking a balance between them, is a skill set that I have to master because sometimes I do not know when to stop being comfortable.

I kind of want to have to result to be something drastically bad or something deadly scary so that I could take this matter more seriously and use this documentation as proof that my family members have to be accountable and play a role in my transformation. (Haha, I wish) As I typed this, I just realized how entitled I sound. I know that I have to be responsible and ensure that I learn to resist the temptation instead of removing things around me that could tempt me. As much as I would like something BAD to happen, I feel that even if my results are good, I will still be happy about it because I am glad that my body had survived the Covid-19 situation and my high-stress level last year.

Additionally, I am also trying to transform my mindset as well because thinking negative things will actually manifest negative things to happen to you. Thinking positively would enable me to take things in stride and just change my mindset to the positive side to look past the negativity. But, you got to know that you are not supposed to just take in all the negativity. You got to evaluate wisely when the negative aspect outweighs the positive aspect and you realize that you cannot deal because it’s just generally making you unhappy.

Right now, I’m actually standing in the Woodlands polyclinic, my fingers keep fidgeting as I want to see how much weight I’ve lost so far. I have been faithful in my calorie deficit diet and also exercise routine which was 2 times a day, 5 times a week actually. On a personal note, my second sister lost 8 kg this month so it’s exciting news.

On a serious note, from my understanding that this review of tests is essential as this determines the process and costs of my weight loss management program in KTPH. If the results are good and are reflected in the hospital, you will not be able to use CPF Medisave or personal insurance as it will be considered cosmetic surgery despite your BMI index, which is considered ridiculous. If the patient has diabetes 2, High blood pressure, cholesterol, or sleep apnea, it seems likely that your doctor will be able to write in for you to get the approved necessary tests and surgery covered under the Medisave and personal insurance.

I promise to update tomorrow about my results after my consultation!

Below is a photo of myself on D1 of my fitness journey.