Top 5 Local Tiktok Fitness Trainer You Should Check Out To Stay Motivated

TikTok may have given the impression of a just-for-fun app that only tweens were using. However, that’s definitely not the case anymore as people tend to have a shorter attention span hence the small clips under the #TikTokfitness world are blowing up!

Now there are plenty of health experts, which includes lots of personal trainers and others who would like to join the fitness industry, it becomes easier for us to get motivated speeches on enduring the tough time and persevere to achieve our fitness goals. 

This becomes the most helpful tool for me as I can get complacent and watching such videos in between sets, keeps me driven as long I don’t get distracted by other features on my phone! 

Check out my compilation of 5 Tiktok Fitness trainer/User that I follow that has helped me to stay consistent for a month (and counting)!

  1. Fuad Hakim  – He is actively sharing tips on simple high-protein recipes so that normal human beings like you and me don’t get tired of the tasteless low-calorie food! He has great content and a plus point is that you can see his workout routine in the gym and reacts to his comments from his followers!

  1. Phone_physique – Similarly this trainer has been showing the progress of his client and updates on her weight loss journey have me contemplating if I should engage him as my trainer. He is quite informative on the dos and dont’s when lifting weight or exercise in general.

  1. Kerstin Ong – She may not be a trainer but she has definitely inspired me to keep going. Singaporean female athlete, that are into weight lifting, yeah, where is the follow button at?

  1. Jojosgfitness – Another female beast who may not be certified trainer but damn, her routines on TikTok is not for the beginner. Viewing her various posts, you might see a pattern. It is beyond just healthy eating and exercise routines, she would like to advocate a healthier lifestyle and make it easier for people to get started despite being busy.

  1. The Buffessor – This account just like its name, is very transparent and direct. You will see posts that greatly aids you in weight loss and getting buff/fit. It is for seriously motivated individuals who want to put in efforts to reap/maximize the results.

I hope this list will somehow get you guys going and don’t forget to hydrate yourself while working out!

What’s Up With Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble?

It has been a while since we hear any new progression about the Hong Kong – Singapore Travel bubble, with the recent second wave of Covid-19 Transmission. 

Cliche beginning

Hong Kong remains to be a country that is near my heart, simply because it was my very first travel destination when I turned 12. Pardon me while I squeezed in a personal story – my older sisters tried to encourage us to study hard for PSLE with a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, on the line. This was a pleasant memory growing up as I have been told that I was a very confident and achieving primary school kid. Somehow I feel that perhaps my sisters were trying to make me more self-aware and teach me a lesson on being on guard and not so ambitious or competitive. 

However since I did not know better and wanted to achieve a higher PSLE score badly, I put aside my fun times and really studied hard. Knowing that my four older siblings did not score above 200 and I wanted validation from my family, I taunted my two older sisters that I will definitely achieve 225 and above. At that exact moment, my twin sister and I had to meet their target scores (it differs for both of us cause we were on different streams) and if we did, we will be traveling with them to Hong Kong, fully sponsored. 

Recalling that incident provokes a realization of how caring and generous they are – to spare a thought to spend their hard-earned money in the 20s for a younger sibling. Being a grown-up now, I have seen many reluctant adults who contemplate spending money for their families. #superblessed

 Moving on back to the topic, our Transport Minister, Ong Ye Kung on Friday (Mar 5) shared that  The launch of an air travel bubble with Hong Kong may be launched “when conditions are right”

With that being said, the much-anticipated air travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore was originally scheduled to start on Nov 22 last year but was later suspended thanks to a spike in cases.

So what does that air travel bubble arrangement mean and how does it work?

This means citizens will be allowed to travel to and fro only with negative COVID-19 tests, without the need for quarantine or isolation. Despite the delay due to the situation, “We won’t give up on the idea,” said Mr. Ong.

The aviation sector has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and border restrictions imposed by policies from governments around the world.

With the airline industry urgently needing to recover, quarantine and stay-home notices (SHN) should be replaced with alternatives that may also “substantially mitigate” the danger of coronavirus transmission.

Personally, I agreed with him, especially on his statement on recognizing that travellers from a certain country, that have successfully controlled the virus are safe destinations for us to open our borders to places like Australia, New Zealand, Brunei and China.

Essentially Singapore being a small island that is reliant on other countries, we really need to ensure that other places reciprocate what we do in order to initiate a travel bubble.

Furthermore, with the recent progression in providing COVID-19 vaccinations, this would be critical to reviving the aviation industry. There are important highlights mentioned on the news that perhaps Singapore will require a system of certification to check if the traveler has been vaccinated. 

I am pining hope that these vaccinations will bring down infections across the globe or the countries will consider normalizing travel amid these uncertain times as prolonged closure of borders will affect the economy across the globe. As a Singaporean who loves traveling and is so used to seeing the bustling crowd in Changi Airport, it was very emotional to see it being so bare. However, I have faith that things will be better and we should not be forcing a drastic recovery of the aviation sector. Instead, we should bear in mind to gradually adapt to a brand new normal, to reopen our borders safely post-COVID-19.

Should You Exercise Every Day?

This is the million-dollar question behind an individual who is about to start on their fitness journey. How regularly would it be a good idea for you to work out? Furthermore, will it even be a good idea for you to do during every exercise to make the most out of it? 

Like most things in the wellness world, there is no proper answer to that question: It all relies upon your wellness, the time available, and your own fitness goals. The best exercise routine for you—and how long you work out—might appear to be quite unique and varies from individual to individual. It’s not super-accommodating, for example, to display your week after week exercise routine for someone who’s about to run a long-distance marathon when your exercise routine is focused on strength training. 

On the off chance that you are in a position of great fitness transformation (like me whose BMI is frigging 46%), you’re searching for a bit of everything to build strength and perseverance, online.

My drive comes from a desire, where I can move better (my knees hurt) and feel much lighter hence I seek help in finding a possible exercise program. Here is a blog post where I will be posting generally helpful tips that kickstart my routine. 

Back to the topic, what do you need to think about, is how regularly you should work out, what to zero in on (strength training, cardio, yoga, Zumba), and how to make yourself stick to the routine.  

In the event that you need to exercise, five days out of each week and are focusing to improve both strength and cardiovascular wellness, attempt three days of weight training, two days of cardio, and two days of dynamic rest. On the off chance that you need to work out four days every week, consider your objectives: If you need to add muscle, cut a cardio day. In the event that you need to improve perseverance, avoid a weight training day. On top of that, switch it once in a while so that your body doesn’t get too complacent with the regime.

Bear in mind that with weak willpower, the two off days when merged can also divert you off totally from working out. Another significant thought is deciding what time of the day you will work out. Once more, there’s no correct response to this, however, it helps with evaluating your roster/timetable especially, when you should squeeze in your exercise routine. For example, if your mornings are super-furious with heaps of pending work, it may very well be demoralizing to wake up knowing that you will need to do morning exercises. All things considered, an evening or night exercise might be bound to occur as planned. 

Also, focus on your body as well: Some individuals feel more empowered in the first part of the day, while others are struggling. Coordinating up your exercise time to when you feel the best can make you bound to need to stay with it.

Would it be a good idea for you to do the same workout every week? 

Honestly, I believe that it is good for individuals who are driven and steadfast in maintaining their fitness regime as it will be consistent. In the case you do not like doing the same sets of an exercise, fret not, having one or two exercise routine changes a week would not heavily influence or change your focus on fitness goals. Yet in general, as a rule, do maintain a similar routine/exercise for about four to five days within a span of seven days to focus on the muscles. Progressively, keep in mind the minor changes in your strength, flexibility, wellness and adjust the intensity of your routines in case you’re intending to improve or keep up your wellness. 

The Thorn At The Back Of My Head

Hi guys!

This will be a short update on my weight loss journey as tomorrow marks one month since my first consultation at the Woodlands polyclinic, which I was referred to the weight management clinic at KTPH.

The doctor was super approachable and amicably shared about the process and the possible outcome where patients may or may not be undergoing surgery to aid them in losing weight.

She advised me to portray myself as someone who is willing to make drastic life changes and not to see it as a short-term/ quick loss weight method. Honestly, I shared with her that I had lost 30kg in 2016 and I struggled with my aching knees and poor health conditions cause even simple 20min cycling would have me vomiting due to the body not being able to get adjusted properly. This was not a one-time attempt and I really struggle to get started on losing weight healthily.

Seeing my predicament or maybe she was just feeling that I was really desperate, she advised me further to start documenting my food intake to measure my daily calories until the next consultation where she will be evaluating my blood test and urine test results. A week ago, I had to go for a fast testing (fast meaning no food for 10 hours except plain water) to check if I have diabetes, liver problems, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Truth to be told since it was about three weeks since the first consultation, I had done plenty of research online about the process and get inspired by the weight loss transformation posted in the forum/Reddit and I was quite motivated.

Sadly, most of the information was not local and hence I wanted to document what is it like to undergo the weight management clinic in Singapore and the procedures.

It helps that I have an acquaintance who went through the same program and undergone the knife to get the surgery to assist her in her weight loss journey. Do note that even after going through the 6 months program, the doctor didn’t want to proceed with the surgery but she paid lesser than 5k out of her pocket for it. I asked if she ever regrets doing the surgery since the doctor deemed her healthy enough to not go for the surgery? And she resoundingly responded, “Nope”.

Hence, I wanted to have a broader understanding of the risk and evaluate the whole process instead of being close-minded to taking the easy way to snip part of my stomach. Ironically, I have shared my intention to undergo bariatric surgery with 5 people and none of them were supportive cause they have seen me losing weight successfully.

Though I’m torn about the need to go through the weight management program, I know that there are limitations to my willpower and motivation, and seeking help might be more efficient. There are equipped professionals who may be proficient in encouraging me to keep up with my fitness routine and proper meal. Let the experts guide me to a healthy lifestyle.

Hence I’m pretty pumped up for tomorrow’s consultation, considering that I will be measuring my height and weight and see if my calorie-deficit diet and simple exercise weekly were of any help.

Current measurement as of 9 Jan:

Weight: 112.5 Kg

Height: 1.55m

BMI: 46% (severely obese)

I can do this! 💪🏼

Cliche Beginning

If I have known 5 years is all it took for me to gain back the 30kg I have lost, I wouldn’t have attempted at all in the first place.

Hi guys!

I have been contemplating for years to set up a blog and talked about my progress! In 2015, I ended up losing weight so fast, and then I encountered the “plateau” stage and then became stagnant and eventually gained back the weight in 2020.

I was 96kg when I graduated from Oklahoma City University and knew then my self-esteem made me feel less worthy of getting a job. I know there was no link between academics and obesity but some chemical traits in my brain were giving me mixed signals with my poor eating habits and non-existent exercise routine. So, I embarked on sleepless nights googling ways to lose weight fast which includes inserting food worms, Duromine, liposuction but being a broke student who is paying University loans, unfortunately, there is no other way than exercise and calorie deficit.

To be honest, what is difficult about losing weight is the calorie deficit cause all delicious food is high in calories meanwhile good/healthy food is low in calories.

Let’s start comparing for a moment;

1 cup of broccoli – 25 calories

1 cheese slice – 50-80 calories

When I started documenting my food diary, that’s when I first realized I must have been enjoying the wrong food group and though it makes me happy, it’s time for a change!

The struggle was real. I wished I had never tasted all the good food so I don’t keep craving for them when I am left with less than 300 calories to last the whole day. I remembered being 96kg and made my mind up to keep up my healthy routine – counting my intake for a daily meal up to 1200 calories a day and exercising twice a week and losing 30kg in less than 6 months. I was 65kg in 2016 and back then, I was lighter than I was 12 years old who weighed heavily at 69kg.

Fast forward to 5 years later with a change of 2 jobs, I am back to being severely obese and persevering to become a healthier version of myself so that I can achieve my goals of doing outdoor activities when I travel around the world. I really love, love traveling and recently enjoyed solo traveling!

Now in the present, it has been almost 1 week since I last consulted a doctor to ask for a referral to the weight management clinic in Singapore. I am more than determined to get my life on track and achieve my goal to finally be in the healthy range based on my BMI. Due to my short height, my ideal weight range is 45-55kg which is a weight I would never even dare to idealize since it was impossible for me to achieve.

However, the doctor reassured me that it is possible for me to put my very best efforts to curb my desires and being consistent. Well, that is a trait that my bosses have always well commended me for at work, so I gotta be able to commit to doing the same for my own happiness and health.

Today, 16 February 2021 a week later, pretty proud that I have been successful in maintaining my routine of eating vitamins in time, exercising in the morning/evening 4-5x a week, and eating up to 1200-1400 calories a day. Though I feel lighter, I’m not gonna weigh myself until the next consultation. The doctor mentioned that I will need to keep a food diary to show her how serious I am about making changes.

So, here’s a start to being the best version of myself. I promised myself that whenever I’m hungry or tired to exercise, I’m gonna remember to be the woman of my words and blog about my efforts to stay goal-oriented. I will lose weight before I turn 28!