Exercising During Ramadan

Alhamdullilah as Ramadan once again has graced us in 2021!  Ever since I started working on my blog, I have dreaded as I had never attempted to workout while fasting As a Muslim, I had constantly been able to fast – abstaining from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset each day for one month.Continue reading “Exercising During Ramadan”

6 Simple Resistance Bands Exercise

Undeniably you would think that for any strength training workout, you will need dumbbell or weights in general. However, it is possible to strengthen and sculpt your arms at home with a resistance band with a consistent workout routine. I was similarly skeptical about whether resistance bands can actually work my arms and legs soContinue reading “6 Simple Resistance Bands Exercise”

Doubts that creeps in when exercising

It has been practically 1.5 months since I started on the journey. As of now, I have lost 5kg up until this point but generally the circumference around my arms and belly decreases by 2-3cm. Truly the progress has been slow and I’m gradually getting complacent with my workout routine.  I was reading through theContinue reading “Doubts that creeps in when exercising”

How sustainable is a low calorie diet?

This morning I woke up feeling anxious cause I feel less rested. This occurred ever since I had started exercising in the morning and evening. To add on, it has been about 1 week since I last consulted a doctor and I wanted to weigh myself. Shockingly despite me sticking strictly to my 1200 caloriesContinue reading “How sustainable is a low calorie diet?”

Resting after 10 days of consequent working out

 I woke up last Saturday, feeling unshackled as I knew that I am skipping my morning exercise following my weekly schedule. On a couple of occasions, I walked towards my dumbbells and grip it tight but I had to resist because I knew how essential a rest day is. I wanted to learn more aboutContinue reading “Resting after 10 days of consequent working out”