What me as a Singaporean misses about Bangkok

Thailand is the first neighboring country that I want to visit right after the pandemic. It’s been almost four years since I went there, so by now, I’m craving to go there as much as I did when I landed there on the first time.  While waiting for travel bubble news between Singapore and theContinue reading “What me as a Singaporean misses about Bangkok”

Why you should avoid self-itinerary and go for tours

When you decide to go on a trip, arranging everything all alone and making your own itinerary has its sets of pros and cons. While you refer to your flight itinerary to ensure that you are on time at the airport and subsequently the boarding gates, you need not map out where you will eat,Continue reading “Why you should avoid self-itinerary and go for tours”

What should I do when checking into a hotel? (Solo Female Traveler Edition)

Traveling alone can be a profoundly rewarding experience. You don’t have to compromise your desires and you move at your own pace, obey your own whims and set your own rules. The flipside of solo travel, obviously is safety. As a female solo traveler myself, I tend to follow a set of simple rules whenContinue reading “What should I do when checking into a hotel? (Solo Female Traveler Edition)”

Finding my courage in travelling alone

I had constantly been berated on my decision to travel by myself because “danger” may be involved. It dawned upon me that people simply want reassurance that it is indeed safe to travel by myself. Back in 2018, I realized that there were only two ways to go about it, either I provide more reassuranceContinue reading “Finding my courage in travelling alone”

How vaccination may affect travel plans in the future

Singapore is discussing the mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccine certificates with other countries calling it a necessary step towards resuming global travel. In order to proceed with this, there must be global cooperation so that all countries have access to the vaccine.  Locally, our  COVID-19 vaccination records are digitally stored in the National Immunisation Registry. Continue reading “How vaccination may affect travel plans in the future”

10 Tips for Female Traveling Alone

Prior to embarking on my first trip alone to Mexico, I was bombarded with tons of advice from concerned friends and relatives. It was difficult persuading my folks that I might want to go 39 hours from Singapore alone. Furthermore, traveling alone requires some extraordinary sense of security and I tend to be unlucky wheneverContinue reading “10 Tips for Female Traveling Alone”

8 Useful Travel Apps for your next getaway

Traveling alone as a female far away from the comfort zone can be intimidating. So abstain from adding to the pressure by using the right apps for your next getaway! These apps may help save you both time and money while making the experience substantially less anxious and interesting at the same time. These travelContinue reading “8 Useful Travel Apps for your next getaway”

What’s Up With Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble?

It has been a while since we hear any new progression about the Hong Kong – Singapore Travel bubble, with the recent second wave of Covid-19 Transmission.  Cliche beginning Hong Kong remains to be a country that is near my heart, simply because it was my very first travel destination when I turned 12. PardonContinue reading “What’s Up With Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble?”