Exercising During Ramadan

Alhamdullilah as Ramadan once again has graced us in 2021!  Ever since I started working on my blog, I have dreaded as I had never attempted to workout while fasting As a Muslim, I had constantly been able to fast – abstaining from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset each day for one month.Continue reading “Exercising During Ramadan”

Should I get a personal trainer?

Just over the last weekend, I was in the midst of a serious discussion with four good friends of mine who wanted to get serious about weight management. One of them is getting married, one of them wants to start conceiving, one is planning to get engaged and another is having chest pains because ofContinue reading “Should I get a personal trainer?”

6 Simple Resistance Bands Exercise

Undeniably you would think that for any strength training workout, you will need dumbbell or weights in general. However, it is possible to strengthen and sculpt your arms at home with a resistance band with a consistent workout routine. I was similarly skeptical about whether resistance bands can actually work my arms and legs soContinue reading “6 Simple Resistance Bands Exercise”

Review of the first consultation

Hi guys! This is a review of my first consultation with the physician at the Bariatric Clinic in room C59 at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Noting that I was super excited as this appointment was one month since the referral from Woodlands Polyclinic, I woke up early and did my morning exercise as per normalContinue reading “Review of the first consultation”

Why You Would Possibly Be Overtraining (And The Way To Recover Quickly)

Though I don’t like to work out a lot, in my one-month journey here, there are many instances where I swing my dumbbell a bit too hard and forget to listen to my back. From my initial condition of feeling super strong, then instantly feel exhausted and wishing to skip the remaining of my workouts.Continue reading “Why You Would Possibly Be Overtraining (And The Way To Recover Quickly)”

5 Popular Exercises that burn calories

Have you ever wandered around the gym and wondered why the most popular machines are the stationary bikes and treadmills? Besides being an equipment for them to do cardio workout, I feel that most users would like to be motivated by seeing the amount of calories burned while exercising. Now that gyms are limited —youContinue reading “5 Popular Exercises that burn calories”

So you think you cannot run

Whenever visiting a clinic with an aching knee, doctors tend to advise that running is bad for knees in general. To add, if you happen to be top-heavy, it is bound that the impact on the joint is greater than normal. For every pound of weight a person carries – they have four pounds onContinue reading “So you think you cannot run”

5 Must Need Apps For Your Fitness Journey

Quit scrolling #fitnesstoks on TikTok, get spurred by downloading the apps below to get started. Don’t let your work arrangement stop you from staying in shape.  GYM POD FITNESS WORKOUT APP With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, gym and fitness trainers have to get creative in making it easy for users to book a slot toContinue reading “5 Must Need Apps For Your Fitness Journey”