Supper, a bad idea?

Today is the first day of Ramadan where I am struggling to nap right after I eat my meal (sahur) in the wee morning. Unlike my brother who tends to lose weight during the fasting month, I tend to gain weight. Needless to say, we had different activity levels in a sense where I willContinue reading “Supper, a bad idea?”

Calculate Your Basic Metabolic Rate

To any individual seeking an improvement of their health, they often need more than just an exercise routine to be more efficient on their fitness journey. Without proper food intake which makes up 80% of weight transformation, they often have to adjust the duration of workout and the intensity of exercise routine. So, how manyContinue reading “Calculate Your Basic Metabolic Rate”

Addiction to Sugar

One of my concerns during the bariatric consultation is the idea of meeting the psychologist to understand why I overeat. Based on the series – 600 lbs life, they tend to depict that the patients rely on food as a coping strategy for their trauma or emotional scars they have.  Even after much consideration, IContinue reading “Addiction to Sugar”

Why I can never stick to Meal prepping

I am always motivated when planning grocery shopping based on Pinterest meal prep ideas. However, the idea of physically buying an ingredient in bulk, there are two factors that I keep in mind, date of expiry and the dimensions of the food cause I need to store them in the fridge. Often, in midweek, myContinue reading “Why I can never stick to Meal prepping”

How Long Should My Break Be After Eating Before Working Out?

While it’s important to eat a nutritious meal before working out, often the timing itself plays a huge role in your workout performance and recovery. This was something that I pondered as there are occasions when I think that it’s a lot harder to lift my dumbbell on days I skipped a meal while itContinue reading “How Long Should My Break Be After Eating Before Working Out?”

5 Must Need Apps For Your Fitness Journey

Quit scrolling #fitnesstoks on TikTok, get spurred by downloading the apps below to get started. Don’t let your work arrangement stop you from staying in shape.  GYM POD FITNESS WORKOUT APP With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, gym and fitness trainers have to get creative in making it easy for users to book a slot toContinue reading “5 Must Need Apps For Your Fitness Journey”

How sustainable is a low calorie diet?

This morning I woke up feeling anxious cause I feel less rested. This occurred ever since I had started exercising in the morning and evening. To add on, it has been about 1 week since I last consulted a doctor and I wanted to weigh myself. Shockingly despite me sticking strictly to my 1200 caloriesContinue reading “How sustainable is a low calorie diet?”

Making an overnight oats for breakfast

Despite what bloggers have mentioned, I find it hard to enjoy the texture of oats. Thus, I was captivated by the simple recipe on a Tiktok by Fuad Alhakim. He recommended making creamy savoury overnight oats made by mixing 1 scoop of oats, 2 scoops of whey and a tablespoon of peanut butter soaked eitherContinue reading “Making an overnight oats for breakfast”