Tips to taking care of your heart in your 20s

Unlike what you may think, this is not a post to dedicate to healing your heartbreaks or getting over your exes. It is literally and physically taking care of your most important organ that I would say that dictates your body. The idea of it being working non-stop without a break to pump blood makesContinue reading “Tips to taking care of your heart in your 20s”

Acai Berry, pronounced “ah-sigh-ee” berry

Similarly to Oprah, I am a big believer in Acai Berry in supplements. The idea of being overweight all my life essentially means multiple attempts to lose weight. To be fair,  when I was in secondary school, I had this mindset that exercising was the only factor because I was kept being advised to jump/exerciseContinue reading “Acai Berry, pronounced “ah-sigh-ee” berry”

Calculate Your Basic Metabolic Rate

To any individual seeking an improvement of their health, they often need more than just an exercise routine to be more efficient on their fitness journey. Without proper food intake which makes up 80% of weight transformation, they often have to adjust the duration of workout and the intensity of exercise routine. So, how manyContinue reading “Calculate Your Basic Metabolic Rate”

Why I can never stick to Meal prepping

I am always motivated when planning grocery shopping based on Pinterest meal prep ideas. However, the idea of physically buying an ingredient in bulk, there are two factors that I keep in mind, date of expiry and the dimensions of the food cause I need to store them in the fridge. Often, in midweek, myContinue reading “Why I can never stick to Meal prepping”

5 Popular Exercises that burn calories

Have you ever wandered around the gym and wondered why the most popular machines are the stationary bikes and treadmills? Besides being an equipment for them to do cardio workout, I feel that most users would like to be motivated by seeing the amount of calories burned while exercising. Now that gyms are limited —youContinue reading “5 Popular Exercises that burn calories”

Cycling Trails: Singapore Edition

March 2021 – It is bound that most have presumably spent their $100 Rediscover Vouchers and now stuck in Singapore uncertain on what activity they could do to explore Singapore’s beautiful landscape in a healthy way for free. Here’s an incredible suggestion – grab your bicycle, get a companion, pack bottled drinks and snacks inContinue reading “Cycling Trails: Singapore Edition”