Losing facial fat

Unfortunately as time passes, our skin starts to sag making us look more mature than before. Unlike the rest of muscles in the body, a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used. While there are various gym equipment that can make you lose belly fat, thigh fat, arm fat but what about face fat?Continue reading “Losing facial fat”

How to give yourself a massage

If monthly (or weekly!) massages were complimentary, I probably would be the first to queue. But with an average cost of $45 per hour (in Singapore), it’s not exactly an affordable expense on my salary monthly. To add on, having to squeeze in massages to work around your work schedule amongst gym time and chillContinue reading “How to give yourself a massage”

7 Benefits of massage

If you’re like me who appreciates massages, all hail to JB cheap massage parlor, you might be wondering whether or not massages have other benefits for people with medical ailments. Most of us have the rough idea that the occasional rubdown is positive for the body and if it is helpful depending on the circumstances.Continue reading “7 Benefits of massage”