My take on the pandemic impact on Singapore tourism industry

It was sad for most Singaporeans who were not able to travel in 2020. To add on, personally, it was unlikely to go on a shopping spree in Singapore because the currency used remains the same. With the same value, I tend to calculate the item and translate the cost in terms of hours orContinue reading “My take on the pandemic impact on Singapore tourism industry”

Buying souvenirs – Yes or No

My friends and family are consistently on the back of my head when getting away from home and enjoying everything the world has to offer. New sights, new people, and new encounters feel vivid and exciting at every turn and I will think of them who are not able to be with me physically. RatherContinue reading “Buying souvenirs – Yes or No”

X맨 E089

Other than my personal fitness journey and my travel escapades, I have re-ignited my interest in Korean variety show and would like to share some of the highlights here. Just to emphasize, nope it is not something I stumbled recently or following the trends of KPOP. I had discovered XMAN in primary school and greatlyContinue reading “X맨 E089”

Overrice Vs Halal Guys

Great news for Singaporeans who have yet to try the Halal Guys abroad as NY-inspired rice bowls, Overrice has just opened up at Arab Street. Though I have yet to have the opportunity to try Halal Guys as of yet, I do sincerely love the food served by Overrice. On the other hand, I hadContinue reading “Overrice Vs Halal Guys”

Weight Gain Amid Covid-19

Returning to the workplace after working from home can be challenging when you are aware of the sudden weight gained. Other than the absence of commuting, I believe that my tremendous weight gain was due to personal and work stress. I was too discouraged, to even try doing minimal exercise or change my eating habitContinue reading “Weight Gain Amid Covid-19”

Finding my courage in travelling alone

I had constantly been berated on my decision to travel by myself because “danger” may be involved. It dawned upon me that people simply want reassurance that it is indeed safe to travel by myself. Back in 2018, I realized that there were only two ways to go about it, either I provide more reassuranceContinue reading “Finding my courage in travelling alone”

7 Easy Stretching Routine for your Aching Muscles

It’s not enough to build muscle and achieve aerobic fitness, you need to think about flexibility, too. Stretching greatly helps. Why is it significant? Stretching keeps the muscles adaptable, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of movement in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then,Continue reading “7 Easy Stretching Routine for your Aching Muscles”

Reflecting on my methods

I wish it was that easy. I’m trying to figure out the exact equation that can be followed to ensure that the numbers reflected on the scale decreases. But, upon reading up articles on the benefits and cons of cardio activities and weight lifting, it is just annoying when I realized that by just doingContinue reading “Reflecting on my methods”